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March 20, 2023, 08:12:26 AM

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Harrington, a sc4 natural growth CJ

Started by 89James89, March 15, 2019, 09:14:05 AM

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Nice entry. Your MMP work is really good and your rivers and lakes look really natural.  Great update!
Lighten up, just enjoy life,
smile more, laugh more,
and don't get so worked up
about things.


I did indeed enjoy the different entry  :thumbsup:. The plop water is a very good colour match for the in-game water and your MMPing is lovely. Well done  :)



PaPa-J: Thanks, I was a bit worried about the lakes myself looking a bit odd but I'm really glad they worked (plus there growing on me so I'm quite glad they worked lol).

mattb325: Thanks it  was good fun to make actually. Took me a little while to find the water match but it does work quite well with blending MMP water and the in game stuff which is a godsend in places!

Entry 16: Harrington grows!

So, today were going to take a look at some of the growth that's been going on in and around Harrington you see, as the town and its surrounds have grown the pressure on the farmland around the town has become more and more, This coupled with the reduction in yields due to some reason or another (I think it had something to do with soil degradation but honestly, it was pretty boring while they were explaining it to me and I wasn't actuality listening all that much) which, rather luckily is shown on this photo below, means that the farm shown wasn't long for this world.

This however, it would seem wasn't all that bad a thing. As it turns out, a particular farmer, by the name of Frank had some smarts about him and realised that he could sell the land for a pretty penny. Fast forward a couple of years and the lovely yellow fields you saw above now look like this!

As you ca see its been turned into housing mainly which, surprisingly enough developed by Franks new business venture in construction (Frank Ventures) and meant that he really now wasn't short of money proved rather well by him converting his old farmhouse into a large and modern (at least by Harrignton standards) home.

Driven by the whole money thing and how lucrative this seemed to be, Frank then bought up four times as much land as he used to own on one of the ever expanding farming areas outside Harrington and then purchased a redeveloped his neighbours plot in Harrignton.
Interestingly enough though, the local school had contacted him during the planning stage and requested that he leave the greenhouse intact as a sort of educational facility. It turns out however that they may have just ran out of room at the actual school house as there appears to be whole classrooms of kids in there all day with there desks and textbooks. However, with Franks daughter being one of  the students he didn't really care all that much.


This was however about as far as the growth got around the actual town of Harrington. On the otherside where we have Kinsen however we saw a bit of an explosion with growth, unsurprisingly, due to the amount of land that there was around the town (though you could argue, with the dumps becoming a bit full (trash left in parked bin lorries overnight, full). And therefore the growth is a bit surprising). Surprising or not however the growth is happening and no one can stop it!

Also in the above photo, as some of the more astute of you may have noticed there's some development across the river where there was only trees before. This is Diplin. An odd place and founded on the third chunk of land that sits in the same bay as Harington and Kinsen, this was originally population spill over and, much lik Kinsen, is technically a suburb of Harrington rather than its own town.

As you may also have noticed though, for a population spill over there's a lot of industrial warehouses and factories in Diplin. You see, with the Eastbank project having failed and having basically become a population hub rather than the port it was meant to be, this has left a lot of investors looking elsewhere to invest. Diplin, it turned out, was a excellent elsewhere as land prices were pretty cheap. However, this does now mean that living here is getting to be as fun as living in Kinsen

And this is where we'll leave this entry, with the above image looking at the Harrignton area all filled up and the usual regional view update, showing a bit more growth throughout the area. (OOC: Ignore the black tiles, they were there so I could reconcile edges and not ruin my terraforming)

Till next time!

PS: There's a link to the actual regional view image as I've uploaded it as embedding the image was creating the horizontal scrollbar!


Nice one! The overview with the farms on one side of the river and the town on the other is very well done. You can see that this little town is thriving with all of the services  :thumbsup:


Oh, these are some really organic looking fields and areas. Awesome work!  &apls &apls
I really like the uniformity on your images. Everything is matching! :)
Nice job!

- Tyberius
You may find updates about my ongoing projects into my development thread here at SimCity 4 Devotion: Tyberius Lotting Experiments
or over there on Simtropolis into the Tyberius (Heretic Projects) Lotting and Modding Experiments.
I'm also member of the STEX Custodian and working on different restoration projects on behalf of non-anymore-active custom content creators.
Current projects: WMP Restoration and SimCity Polska Restoration.
Member of the NAM Team and RTMT Team.


Nice update, I like your street layout and the farming area across the river looks picturesque.  :thumbsup: :)
Lighten up, just enjoy life,
smile more, laugh more,
and don't get so worked up
about things.


I'm all for untended parts of the landscape -- i.e. much MMP'd parts of the landscape ! (surprise...). Indeed, like you, I spend the time a city grows alternating between plannig or adding new developments and MMPing all over  :). I have a question about the trees, though : how come there seems to be only pines in there ?



mattv325: Thanks and yes, it does seem that Harrington is definitely growing!

Thanks glad you like the natural look of it, something I was really trying to achieve with the project. The uniformity is really me just being a bit lazy with the MMP's and not wanting to have a massive variety as its easier too MMP with a limited set of them.

Thanks, glad your enjoying it!

evarburg: Yup, MMPing can be relaxing and the rewards are well worth it. As for why I'm using only Pines its basically a conscious decision to make the MMP process a bit easier for me with the limited palette. I also like the uniformity of it all and the city itself is menant to have a sort of Alaskan/Canadian climate and feel to it so I thought it fitted quite well.

Entry 17: Busy Bee Business (and Eastbank)

So today were back in Harrington with a look at someone who's already been mentioned beforehand , Beekeeper Barry. Living outside of the small settlement of Needle Point, this is an old image of the Beekeeper and his beehives.

Well, you might remember that he choose to open his small plot of land up to the citizens of Harrington to give them a look at the exciting world of beekeeping! This, as it happens, was actually pretty well received (mainly because  there was nothing else to actually do in the area but there we go). Anyway, over the years Barry's Beekeeping outgrew its small plot and moved to this much bigger meadow nearby to his original clearing.

Barry, always happy with his quiet little life outside of Needle Point, then realised that fame comes with a price as more and businesses flocked to take advantage of the beekeepers popularity.

So much so that Barry's nice quiet little home soon found itself neighbours too some rather noisy shops and then, as is normally the case people moved in and now Needle Point is much bigger and much louder.

Oh well, I suppose you can't have it all!


Meanwhile, moving on from Barry and the price of fame were back in Eastbank where the mayor has made some not so popular findings. Still struggling to get any sort of industrial appeal and attraction in the growing town, the mayor was about to just give up, having already sold the unused industrial spaces to commercial businesses (which, is actually a pretty profitable place for the businesses given that the ferry link is just down the road from it).

Anyway, after a last ditch attempt too actually address the issue it came to the mayors attention that the tax rate for the industry sector was a whole lot higher than everyone else's and that the town's recent financial upturn was thanks in large part, too the hard working industries in the area. Before word of this was made public and afraid of being lynch mobbed (and actually feeling pretty bad about the whole situation), the mayor publically reduced the tax rates and announced that all the money that had been gathered from the unintentionally high tax rate would be used to fund this school.

Thankfully this went down rather well with the rest of the town and we'll see next time if it has an affect on the industrial side of things!

For now though, we'll finish here with a look at the still growing region!

Till next time!


Ah, I like the story, I like the organic growth and I like the map (makes me want to auto-map again !  :D). Very entertaining entry !
(re Alaskan-Canadian trees, though : I live in Northern Quebec and we do have birches, even the occasional mapple and linden to relieve the unrelenting dark green of our forests --especially close to the sea as your region is. It would give your region that just-a-little-bit-more realism and visual diversity...  ;)


Another good entry.  Your story telling is great!
Lighten up, just enjoy life,
smile more, laugh more,
and don't get so worked up
about things.