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Question about bldg as props 1 & 2

Started by Zeratai, July 20, 2019, 12:15:59 AM

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I didnĀ“t find where to post this question, Is there a difference, beside having the lot, between downloading bldgasprops 1 & 2 and the losts that maxis once created e.g. Parthenon and Stonehenge? Because I understood that bldgasprops are all those props for those lots to be placed. The question is because in Manuelitos Maxis Renewal - Parks and Recreation, dependencies are bldgasprops and Maxis Parthenon and Stonehenge. Do I need both files or just buildingsasprops? I don't plan on placing Parthenon nor Stonehenge


"Buildings as Props" isn't the same as said landmarks, but it's merely a collection of prop exemplar files that supplies the LE with all in-game buildings as props (useful for creating large factory yards with warehouses and such). I'd assume that those park lots are using some rock props that are part of said landmarks.

IIRC, those rock props are also included in some other common dependency, but I can't remember which one. In any case, if you really don't want to install those Maxis landmarks, plop the park lots, compare them with the screenshots, and decide if they look "good enough". ;) Missing props won't break the game, and don't cause brown boxes as well, they are merely not displayed.