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March 31, 2023, 02:50:49 PM

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MAC 64bit compatibility issues & how to fix them

Started by xxdita, May 25, 2020, 01:06:47 PM

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This thread will contain the facts as we know them regarding all MAC 64bit issues involving lots and mods.

For NAM issues, please make sure you are running the latest version of NAM, which as of this post is NAM 37 RC, which will fix all CTD issues, and then report any continuing issues in the NAM support threads.

Please check your LEX Download History, as we are updating files to be fully MAC compatible behind the scenes, often before they're even reported. So you will need to make sure you're using the latest version available.

If you are experiencing new issues with the Steam version, your game may have updated to 64bit automatically. Reinstalling SC4 may help.

Transit Station Properties these will be located in the building desc exemplar. Each should have a Rep Count of 0, as a Rep Count of 1 will cause CTD. This is the most commonly reported bug for all MAC users.
Transit Switch Entry Cost 0xE90E25A2
Transit Switch Traffic Capacity 0xE90E25A3

Lot Slope Properties
These properties are located in the lot exemplar. Rep Count 1 will cause CTD, change this to 0.
LotConfigPropertyMinSlopeAllowed 0x699B08A4
LotConfigPropertyMaxSlopeBeforeLotFoundation 0x88EDC792
LotConfigPropertyMaxSlopeAllowed 0xE99B068C

Terrain Mod issue again, this is a Float32 issue, with a rep count of 1 causing CTDs. Change this rep count to 0. 
TemperatureRangeFactor 0x48CD7B30

I will try to keep this thread updated as more MAC reports come in, and more testing can be done on the matter.

- Nate


It's great to hear that you folks are working on the plugins behind the scenes!  If my experience is any indication, there are probably quite a few .dat and .desc files with the issue lurking about.  I recently did a quick look through of my plugins with SC4 reader whilst in Bootcamp and found the transit lot-related bugs in quite a few files. I randomly was able to find at least a half-dozen non-transit lots with a 32float rep value of 1, with a descriptor of "unknown." 

I have noticed another problem as well, but am unsure if this is a 64-bit issue or not.  I have been unable to transfer imported regions and some older regions I created myself to the mac side.  It seems for me that the mere presence of a non-stock region folder in the regions directory is enough to cause a CTD.  This typically manifests itself as a black screen after the last splash animation or less frequently,  during region loading itself.  I haven't been able to successfully find anyone reporting similar problems.