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Started by woody58, November 23, 2022, 03:02:03 PM

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Is there a patch to bring my version of the game up to 1.1638 ?


Yes there is. On this website if you go to the homepage, check the menu on the left (in case it's hidden, use the grey + buttons on the right) and click on Maxis Files.
You'll have to accept to the terms to get access to the update files.

Please note however that the update do not work on the ORIGIN version of SC4 since they offer an un patchable version.
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It is probably worth mentioning too, there are two official patches for SimCity 4, but these are only of use if you are using the original SC4 disks.

If you are using Win10 or newer, there is realistically only one way you can still play with the original disk version. If this is the case for you, the patches won't properly update your game, even if it looks like it has.

Digital versions should come pre-patched, with the exception of Origin, who's version should be avoided at all costs.