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Interesting features in 3ds Max

Started by FromTheAshes, October 08, 2007, 02:12:10 PM

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Today I want to show you some interesting features in 3ds Max which (I think) not everone know.

Everyone knows what windows and doors are, so we'll start with the AEC Extendet tools:
There we got the Foliage tool which was a big surprise for me because it contains a tree library. Yes, the 3ds Max itself has got a tree library and you're free to use the trees and plants there.
Then we got a railing-tool to create railings and simple fances.
The last point is that lovely wall-tool which makes creating walls and whole buildings extremely easy.

Next thing: Stairs-tool.
Damn folks, that is a great tool. I allways had big problems with stairs. I hated them. Using this tool its very easy to create simple stairs using the drag-method we know from the standart shapes. Here you can take a look:

I also found a pretty funny tool for everyone who plays SC4 (so nearly everyone ;)).
The Paint deformation tool on Polys.
Check this out: I made a simple plane (50x50 segments) and turned it into Poly.
Scrolling my way through the comand panel I saw a tool I never used to know. So I tried it and - surprise surprise - it's pretty similar to the terraforming tool in SC4. You got your brush, you can chose the size and so.. So what does this tool actually do? I think it simply moves the polys in 2 possible directions (Z + and Z -). Coevally it adds a light Turbosmoother i guess. Look at the result:

I hope some of you liked these little tipps. Feel free to ask if you have problems.
And now have fun trying the tools.
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