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Sc4luv2's Road Signs (not bats..)

Started by sc4luv2, October 24, 2007, 04:45:16 PM

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This thread is about some road signs that I made, see the next post for I-437 WB with a sneek peek of I-437 WB   EB signs


On I-437, on the exit posts, on the left side of the dash is KM, and the right side of the dash is the miles

I-437 at Exit 3-1
At this exit, S-423 is the also called County Line Road, well, that's where the South Fork County Line is. Well, onto the pic.  ;)

I-437 at Exit 4-2

This road leads to the Pineshore Air Force Base.

I-437 at Exit 6 km-3
(notice on the left side it says __ KM, to tell that side is KM. In this exit, this leads to the Eastern Gate of the Airport.

I-437 at Exit 7 km-4
Same as last. Just leads into the W. Gate.



Hello, my friend!

These are looking good, but before you put any more time into this project, I'd check with David (if you haven't already) and see if he doesn't have any plans for something like this. Knowing him, I'm sure that he's got something in the works...He always does!

Take care,


Ryan B.

SC4luv2:  Watch for a PM from me in the next 24 hours regarding an idea I just had.