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March 27, 2023, 07:47:49 AM

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GLR & Tram-Avenues Gameplay: Basics & Tricks

Started by Chrisim, May 11, 2008, 04:53:35 PM

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NAM 30 hasn't been supported for a long time (it's 6 years old), and there's little we can do to help users still running old versions.  I would strongly recommend upgrading.  In any case, I've tried it just now with the development build of NAM 36, and the tutorial works fine. 



I just gave it a try with NAM30, and it works fine. But I think I know what you were doing wrong, Dantes, you used Road to drag the stubs as described in the tutorial. You need to use OneWayRoad, though!


I just posted this on your MD thread, but thought it might be useful to others too:

This shows how to drag the OWRs correctly. I note you don't have a nice tight 90° bend, this might be caused by using road instead of OWR, but you may simply not have dragged the OWRs far enough to connect properly. Note I'm using LHD here, so you may need to reverse the direction of the OWRs if you are using RHD.


Yes, it was the one way street problem! This GIF is so helpful! Thank you!
Here the first result


Is there a way to do the tram in avenue and have it go over water? I have an avenue that has the tram in it and working on both sides of a river, but I cannot figure out how to change the bridge to one with the tram in it.


At present there are no Tram in Avenue bridges, so it won't directly cross water. There is a Tram in Road bridge, alternately bridges for OWR/Ave/GLR all exsit. Some form of transition to suitable networks before the bridge would be in order here. Bearing in mind, you must have a tile of space between bridges.