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The RTMT V3 Support Thread

Started by z, September 10, 2008, 07:43:03 PM

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yes, I had the same problem too: now that I've removed that mod, I don't need to buldoze streets and I have the standard upper-grund visual, instead than the tubes one.
Just to know...
do you remember what does the "THL_DataViewMod_MoreDetail" mod?
Now I can even consider updating my older cities...


I believe you are referring to this mod, which can be found on the STEX.  I use it myself, and it has no negative effects when used with RTMT (or anything else that I know of).


[The following are answers to questions asked in another thread.]

Quote from: 0rion79 on October 03, 2008, 08:34:31 AM
I'm taking confidences with the available MT stops and I would like to know:
- if in version 4 you plan to keep the non-avenue 1x2 stops and those el.train stops.
- if there is any way to use subway stops together with zones viewer. Actually, I have problems to place subway stops in an already-built city because I risk to place them into a small building and to close all of its connections with avenues (and sometimes road), and I risk too of not "centering" the street but to destroy a building by mistake.
Thank you! :)

There are no plans to eliminate any of the RTMT stations in any of the coming versions.  What el train stops are you referring to?

There is no way to use subway stops inside the zones view - this is hardwired in the game.  However, there is a simple three-step process that will assure that you never accidentally destroy a building when plopping a subway station.

1. Go to the zones view, and see where you want to plop your station.

2. Select the station from the menu.  There's a slight delay before the view changes.  During this delay, move your cursor to the exact spot in the zones view where you want to plop your station.

3. Once your view changes and your cursor turns green, just click to plop.  Your station will be guaranteed to show up right where you want it.

It also helps to become familiar with the plop cost of a station.  For example, if your station costs $800 to plop, then to plop it on a road with no subway underneath should cost around $802.  The extra $2 is for demolishing the road under the station; the total figure might be a little higher if slopes have to be changed.  If there's already a subway running underneath the road, add another $100 for demolishing one square of subway, so the total cost should be a little over $900.  If the total cost is something like $3400, then you're about to demolish a major skyscraper.

Using the above method, it's possible to successfully plop a number of subway stations on a road you can't see.  After you plop the first station, just move the cursor along where you think the road is, and make sure that the plop cost doesn't change by more than a few simoleans.  You'll know when you hit an intersection because a tool tip saying "Already occupied" will show up at the cursor.  This tool tip will also show up if you pass over an existing station, or one square to either side of an existing station.


one quick question:

are there any planned RTMT stations for El-rail? that seems to be the only piece that's missing...i've found several, but the download button on the site either doesn't work or the file has been removed from the server...


This is one of the many options being considered for RTMT.  If you'd like to see these stations soon, vote in The Eternal RTMT New Features Poll.


From my game I have removed the ones named GLR Avenue stops, that have rails in the middle. I guess that the name is for ground light rail, but I don't like them, don't want to use them and so I have deleted them so reduce the mess in my submenu folder :P

But, just to know, why the Subway RTMT stops in version 2.1 from Dark Matter don't lead to subway view?


As cogeo mentioned on the previous page, he's looked into this in detail, and the parameters that control such things are identical in both versions, as far as we can tell.  The RTMT stations work the same as the standard Maxis one; why DarkMatter's station is different, only he knows...  %confuso


I don't belive in randomness/casuality but rather in cause>effect. Even if I'm not expert at coding, I would hardly believe that there is no reason at all. There must be something that is not known yet.


Just wanted to be sure, so I checked again. Well, it was my mistake! DM's version indeed doesn't cause the game to switch to underground view, it is CJM's version (the one with the white Ninja's subway props) that does. Checked DM's version and found that they are all modded as... bus-stops, using the Building:Bus and Building:BusStop Occupant Groups. This is not necessarily "better" though, as the buildings are still visible, and you don't see the subway tunnels too. Plus, modding the stations as bus-stops causes another side-effect, the hover mini-query displays five bus icons (instead of subway). DM's version doesn't have subway props, so this is less evident, but you can still see it if you hover your mouse pointer over the bench. The "standard" modding settings is to set the Building:Subway OC for subway stations, and I don't really konw if it causes effects other than switching to underground view and affecting the hover query.

@redraider147, I'm missing your point here. What do you mean by "RTMT stations for El-rail"? The ingame El-rail station is plopped directly on the track and doesn't require additional space (as do almost all others as well). In this sense, they are "network-top". In any case you will need an adjacent road, for the sims to be able to embark/disembark. On this stretch you can plop a bus/subway/combo station, thus achieveing a "hub" functionality. Could you please explain what exactly you meant?


Well, cogeo, it would be great if in RTMT4 you could reply DM effect :)


I think we're going to stick to the current system, for three reasons: 1) It's what Maxis does; 2) it's what every other subway station I've seen does; 3) it seems to make the most sense, for reasons that cogeo pointed out.  I know that this does not allow you to plop subway stations directly in the Zones view, but I think that if you try the solution I mentioned in answer to your question earlier on this page, you'll find that it works quite well.


All I can do is to express my personal point of view :) Imho, DM way was much more comfortable, but the boss are you, so I guess you know what's better. :)


like an el-rail station for el-rail over road...


That's out of our department, I'm afraid - it's not really "road top".  I've downloaded a couple of these stations from the STEX; there are a total of three there, and they're all downloadable as of now.  You can find one by searching on the keyword "elevated," and you can find the other two by searching on the keyword "CTA."


Hi all,

Long time lurker here, and first time poster  :)

I've come across a situation where, since I've started using road top mass transit (bus stops), it's caused a number of things to happen. First of all, my city comes to a standstill and time starts to pass very slowly - I typically have the speed set to the fastest, but after introducing road top mass transit, time comes to a standstill and when it resumes, it does so at a much slower rate.

The addition of road top mass transit is also stalling the growth of my cities. When introduced, any newly zoned lots, especially residential, stay empty and do not develop.

I've struggled with my cities coming to a standstill for a long while now. In trying to determine the cause, I did several things - removed some plugins, did some tweaking with the transport network, all to no avail. It was only recently when I did an experiment to delete all the road top mass transit in my cities when I pinpointed what was causing them to stall. This is all despite having strong RCI demands and very high desirability!

Is this a resolvable issue? My cities are such that mass transit is definitely needed to sustain them, including the downtowns, which virtually require transit in order to sustain the densities.

In case you need to know, I'm running Windows XP, have the latest NAM set to standard with 5x capacities, 3.20 ghz processor and 3 GB RAM.



Which (whose) RTMT stations are you using?


I use Cogeo's bus stop/subway RTMT (but only the bus stop, don't utilize subway) in one city, and in the other city I use Uroncha's diagonal/intersection bus stops. Both sets are causing me to have problems.


Quote from: thomasvista on October 26, 2008, 12:21:24 AM
have the latest NAM set to standard with 5x capacities

Did you in that case install Cogeo's corresponding RTMT stations with 5x capacity?
In other words, can you find the file RTMTV3_Stations_NAMCapacity_x5.dat in your RTMTV3 folder?

Since Cogeo's stations are involved, I'm moving this topic to the RTMT Place,
where Cogeo and z probably want to know more about your cities. :thumbsup:


I'm rather sure this problem is not caused by RTMT, especially since it happens with Uroncha's stations as well.  I personally have not heard of someone having a similar problem.  And I have run both cogeo's and Uroncha's stations in the same city, with no problems at all, so having them on the same system isn't a problem.  The fact that the problem disappeared when you removed the stations simply says to me that they were probably interacting with something else that was the real culprit.

But in any case, we have to get to the bottom of this.  I assume you're running the patched version of SC4 Deluxe or SC4 Rush Hour.  First, let's verify that the RTMT stations can indeed work on your system.  Start up SC4 and create a new region.  Exit SC4, and remove EVERYTHING from your Plugins folder except RTMT.  (Moving things to a temporary folder would probably be the best way to do this.)  Now start up SC4 again in your newly created region, start building a city, and use the RTMT stations liberally.  You should have no problems at all.  Please try this and let me know what happens.

EDIT:  This thread really belongs inside The RTMT V3 Support Thread.  But if I moved it there now, you'd never find it (nor would its other readers).  So I'll wait until you post your response, and then move everything to the end of that thread.



Brilliant  ;D! I did everything you said and my cities are moving along nicely!

So I'm guessing that the next thing to do would be to introduce new plugins one at a time to determine which one(s) are screwing with the RTMT?

Thanks a lot!