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LEX Downloader

Started by kalanc69, February 10, 2009, 12:23:10 AM

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Hello everyone,

I just downloaded the newest version of the LEX Downloader and I can't seem to be able to login to SC4D using it. It keeps telling me to check my internet connection and my login/pwd, but I have access to the internet and I know my password is correct. Does anyone have any suggestions as I am going crazy trying to figure out what I am doing wrong!!  ()what()

Thanks for any help you can offer.



is there any .log file in your installation folder ? if yes, please past the content

Can you log into the LEX and download stuff using your webbrowser ?

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Hi Wouanagaine,

What an honor to be talking to you! I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that you have put out for SC4 community! To answer your question, I could not find a log file in the BSC LEX directory, is there a specific place I should look for the installation folder? I am able to log into the LEX and download stuff using my web browser, so I am not sure what the problem is. Thanks for your assistance!


Hi, I hope somebody still reads this thread. I'm recovering from a system crash and as a few others have stated my download list is massive and the program freezes on list load, I was wondering if a patch that makes all files unchecked on load would fix the load freeze issue? I know nothing about editing config files in this format to test my idea.

Back again with update;  uncheck button freezes system with large file list, after unchecking 1/2 of files program works beautiful. I definitely believe an uncheck patch will fix the lockup issue.
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