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March 20, 2023, 01:09:19 PM

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How bus stops work in traffic Simulator Z?

Started by DC0, March 22, 2009, 02:46:30 AM

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First of all, I really appreciate all the work done by all guys who created NAM. This is fantastic Mod! Thank you very much, guys.

I have installed traffic Simulator "Z", Low version. There are different patterns of commute network load during morning and evening commute time. Do I need to consider direction of traffic flow when placing bus stops? I will need an illustration to explain what I mean. Here it is:

Green arrow indicates morning traffic flow. Red arrow indicates evening traffic flow. When bus stop is placed where it is on screenshot, do buses going in direction of red arrow stop on this bus stop?

Blue Lightning

Hi DC0,
Bus stops don't need to be on a specific side of a road, just an avenue.

Hope this helps,
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you should also consider sims parking lots, so the sims can go out of they're cars and go on the bus, unless they are pedestrians/coming from other mass transit such as rail, monorail, el-rail, ferry, underground train, GLR, etc. that is. you should probably get parking lots other than the regular maxis parking lot, cause it looks horrible in the open area(it looks better between tall buildings, where it "blends in" with the surroundings.
Parking lots can also be use for road->pedestrian mall transition(if you have those).

hope I helped.