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how to change building's desirability

Started by majorjet, April 12, 2009, 12:19:50 PM

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Hello all,

I'm just discovering all the thrills of simcity!

I was wondering, how do I change the desirability of certain buildings and landmarks?  ie) the neuchwenstein castle, my rich sims don't want to live next to it. I want to change the desirability of the castle so more rich people will want to live next to it.

What do I need to do this?

Please tell me step by step, remember I'm a newbie.



hello....I'm sure someone must know how to change a building's desirability?  Why are my rich sims not wanting to live next to Neuchwenstein castle or any other landmarks when in reality, people would want to live next to a castle, right?

please help... ()what()


Uh, actually, I'm not sure if I would like to live near the Neuschwanstein castle - sure, it would be a nice view, but imagining the crowds of tourists visiting that place with loads of cars and buses, it's not that favorable after all. ;)


Hey there majorjet welcome to SC4D first off lol.....  OK about what you are trying to do is wanting to change a Nimby effect to Yimby right from a landmark?


Nimby = Not in my back yard

Yimby = Yes in my back yard

I will piece a small tut later when I get home from work tonight OK...  If in fact that is what I am understanding from your first question?


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hi Pat,

That is exactly what I want to do - change the nimby to yimby  :D  I look forward to your tutorial...please, please make it step by step and assume I know nothing at all (which is the truth lol)

And Andreas, I suppose what you said is true - in real life, no one would want to live next to a tourist destination with all the cars and buses...but in my Principality of Monrovia, I live in Neuchwenstein castle and of course, I only want the richest of the rich to be my neighbours  $%Grinno$%

Thanks for the replies!  Truly, truly appreciate it!



Schloß Neuschwanstein doesn't have any NIMBY effects.
It does have two YIMBY effects though:

  • Landmark Effect 40 over 20 tiles
  • Mayor Rating Effect 6 over 256 tiles

The Landmark Effect attracts commercial buildings,
whereas the mayor rating effect doesn't provide any immediate increase in desirability for any RCI type.

If you want the castle to provide YIMBY effects for residentials,
you would need to give the castle a Park Effect, which it currently doesn't have at all.

I'm enclosing Schloß Neuschwanstein extracted from SimCity_1.dat to this post.
I've also added the Park Effect property to it, with a neutral value of 0 over 0 tiles.

You can edit this file to your likening (in Reader or SC4Tool) and test it in the game yourself.
As long as you have this file in your plugins, it will overwrite the default settings.

I would recommend not to set it too high though,
and definitely not higher than the Park Effect of the in-game Mayor's House, which is 100 over 48 tiles.


thank you so much ripplejet!!!

So I install this in my plugins, right?  Then how do I edit this in Reader of SC4Tool?  Do I download the Reader and SC4Tool here as well?

I want to learn how to do this so I can add the Park Effect for other landmarks as well.

Thanks again! &apls