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March 21, 2023, 01:09:23 PM

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How to remove deleted folders in the "edit profile" screen of the SUM?

Started by BellaAlberta, May 07, 2009, 01:07:46 PM

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HEllo all,
First a big thank u and  &apls to all for your great cc (this is my first post, so it's a good time for this ;))

Well, the SUM runs smooth and that's great. But after I used it a couple of time, I deleted some subfolders in my plugins folders (both program files and my documents) and created new ones. (Yes it's spring and I've made a bit of a cleaning lately)

My problem is that the SUM still sees those deleted subfolders (but it sees the new ones too  ;)) when I edit a region profile, and I can't find a way to delete those "ghost folders".

What I already tried is to uninstall the SUM and delete the "sc4 startup manager.cfg". Then install again.
When I went into the "edit profile" screen, those same folders where still there ()what(). So I guess there is some hiden file that stores something (sorry, I'm not exactly computer literate... ::)) that I haven't seen and deleted.

Could someone help me pleazzze?

Bye and thankx again.


The information about the folders is stored in hidded "desktop.ini" files within each (sub-)folder in your plugins folder. In order to see them, you have to select "Extras/Folder options/View/Show hidden and system files" (or whatever it's called in your Windows, I cannot tell since my Windows is German) in Windows Explorer. Maybe the old desktop.ini files are still around, so SC4Tool thinks the folders are still there.


Thank you Andreas!
Well I found the "folder options" window, tweaked the settings and got the desktop.ini to show up (I'm on Vista and... hmmm... not quite fond of it  ;) I spend quite a lot of time looking for features I used on XP). At least in my documents/plugin folder. I don't see them in the program files/ plugins.
So I used Cleanitol for the job and it seems to work fine.

But my little problem is still not solved so far. The Sum still shows those deleted folders  :(

Well, anyhow, I'll stop bothering you with this since:
1. The SUm works fine and provides me great help in managing my plugins (thanks again for this wonderful tool). After all, this is the major point  ;D.
2. I have a strong feeling that the "problem" is more related to my limited abilities with vista than to the SUM...&mmm... and of course this is no concern of you :).

So, knowing what I'm looking for, I'll go on with my little experimentations in the wonderful vista world.
If I ever find something that could be of any intesrest for you, I'll pm you.

Thanks again for your help and your creations.
And have a nice day.


I don't have Vista (thank God! ;) ), so I cannot tell, but since you found some kind of workaround, I'll say stick to it.