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March 20, 2023, 12:13:21 PM

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Photo Contest Suggestion Box

Started by Masochist, April 05, 2007, 07:27:35 AM

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Quote from: Kitsune on June 24, 2008, 12:05:57 PM
Split the comp in two, one for Images that have been edited, and one for images that are clean...

Well I'm putting this suggestion out, seems like its pretty automatic that photoshopped image wins against a clean one, and the amount of photoshopping done in some pics make pretty much impossible to compete against it with a non-photoshopped image.
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Picture Queue

I think it might be helpful to have a queue of picture submissions - Everyone can submit one picture at a time (If you have a pic waiting to compete you can not submit another one until your first picture is done), and they go up in order against the previous winner. That way people could submit a picture at any time and would not have to try and catch the competition right as it ends.

Just a thought.


Sorry Sven800 that I missed this post until now.
Good idea, I'll give this some more thought.

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Ol.S / Benoit

To not spam the picture competition thread, I'll continue the discussion here :
(Started here : )

Quote from: Art128Already discussed, the answer was no. We already put back the vote from ten to eight, we are not going to put it any shorter. As well for the 24 hours time limit, 48 hours is too much.

No no the idea is not to shorter the votes from 8 to 5/6, but that a duel can't end until there are 5 votes total. (Like one of the competitor must be at a minimum of 3 points to win, even after 24h) It simply avoid what happenned with Republic right now, a coin flip, when the thread is forgotten for 24h. (Also, 48h is too long, ok)

What do you think ?
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I think that because every time there is less participation in the picture competition, would be very appropriate adapt the rules to new circumstances. Previous rules were made when there was a lot more participation but, unfortunately, now there are increasingly fewer people who vote.

The idea of extending a few hours the competition, or a minimum of votes seems appropriate.

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