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Thematic Comp Main Arena -Comp 2 : We Have a Winner

Started by tooheys, December 03, 2009, 01:57:59 AM

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congrats to the top 3, I'll participate again next time as well.

on a side note: I'm actually rather curious at which place I ended
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You're right, it could be nice for other participants to know their place :thumbsup:
And another thing, could we know how many votes we had?
I forgot to say: congrats Fabian for your first place and Yann too! &apls &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Congratulations, Fabian, for getting first place.  I also want to congratulate Yann and Guillaume for making it into the top three.

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Congrats to the three placing winners!

Everyone had very good entries and it was a very hard decision when it came to voting!



Congratulations to Fabian for an outstanding entry, truly well-deserved my friend  :thumbsup: &apls &apls!

Congrats also to Yann and Guillaume for being in the top three. Excellent work!  :thumbsup:

~ Dan
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The winning entries have today made the move over to the Winners Showcase, their new home &apls.

I hope you will will be all pleased to know that there will be a second comp in Feb 2010 and hopefully many more thereafter.
If you have any suggestions as to how this comp can be improved going forward, please feel free to comment in the general discussion thread. Your constructive feedback will be appreciated  :thumbsup:

Also, the current entries will stay where they are for a month or so then moved into the archives (which are accessible to everyone). We haven't determined a time yet but they will be removed completely between 6-12mths. We will give you plenty of notice before this happens, so you can save them elsewhere if you wish.

As for the poll results, the aim of the comp was to find the top 3 entries. We never intended to release the entire poll. I understand that some people would like to see the end results, others wouldn't. As per most major polls on this site, we will only be releasing publicly the names of the winners. However, if any of the entrants wish to know how they finished, feel free to PM me or any of the team and we will let you know.



Congratulations to the well deserved winner, Fabian93! The region overview pic made it for me, in the final voting. It's just breathtaking. Magnificent, Fabian! &apls &apls

And my deepest respect to all contesters: a really high standard is shown, and from a personal point of view, I have appreciaded and viewed all villages with amazement . It's clearly to me that all you guys have put a lot of effort into it! Without all of these great contenders, no contest. Simply as that.

Finally I will like to thank the staff - the usual suspects - for creating this event. Can't wait for the next competition! Thanx guys! &apls



Hi all

In anticipation of Comp No.2 all official entries in the Arena have been moved to the Archives today. The entrants' preparation threads have been kept open (these contain the official entries also) and can be used again for the next comp if you participate. Anything in the archives will be cleared after 6mths.

We are hoping to have the next comp up and running early February and look forward to your participation.

More to come soon.




Voting is open to all members of SC4d and the poll will be open for a period of 7 days.

Please take some time to view the entries and vote for your favourite.

Goodluck everyone




I voted today. All are very good entries. Each one has a perspective or quality that makes it a contender. Good Luck to all.

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Threw mine in there too. There were some good entries this time around. It's difficult to work around just a building or two when there's so much more you might want to show. The plaza designs for the large cathedral were impressive in their variety too.


Voting has now closed and the top 3 entries were:

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Congratulations Fabian, a great entry and still the undefeated champ after two comps  &apls &apls &apls

Well done also to canyonjumper on his 3rd place  :thumbsup:

Something a little different this time around, we have a subscription available for our winner Fabian93
which has been kindly donated by Jmouse. Thanks Joan  :)

The winning entries will be moved to the Winner's Showcase shortly.

A big thanks to all the participants and hope to see you back for Comp 3 later in the year.


its fabian93 not 96 lol, but congratulations everyone.

Thanks, all fixed :thumbsup: - tooheys
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A big congrats to fabian and the other contestants!  Nice work everyone!  :thumbsup:


Well done you guys, that didn't seem like an easy challenge to work with. Congrats Fabian on the win, and the subscription too.


Thank you very much, everybody, who has voted for my entry :).
Also congratulations to all the other participants - each one had a great-looking entry, in my opinion  &apls.
Then I'd really like to thank Joan (Jmouse) for donating such a fantastic price - a very kind offer by him :thumbsup:.

Fabian  :)


Congratulations, Fabian!  Two in a row is something to celebrate.  &apls
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