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June 04, 2023, 09:17:50 AM

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Nardo69's Entry

Started by tooheys, December 04, 2009, 12:38:08 AM

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Quote from: Nardo69 on December 02, 2009, 02:13:50 PM
Pheewy ... made it.

After a lot of terraforming for the "village" I had in my mind for this competition I played it a bit only to find out - nah, no village, small town with 3000+ plus inhabitants. So a second idea, a second approach was necessary - and here it is.

Funny enough it's the direct neighbour map of my Simforum village comp village Leonhardt; however I made the layout for Leonhardt for today whereas Kanneldingen takes place somewhere in the first half of the seventies, in the time, small Nardo went to Kindergarden, the time of the last steam trains before the era of the steam engines finished for good in Western Germany. Yes, Western Germany, as the wall and the Iron Curtain would fall approximately 15-17 years later ...

Now for the duty: Overview of Leonhardt with all the required landmarks.

Not only the budget but also four of the six landmarks can be seen here. You may call this economy ...   :D

The village center with the town hall, Church St. Georg and its cemetary and the village plaza. The representive building to the left of the plaza is the Hotel "Kurfürstlicher Hof", a rather old one. It is run by the family Kannbacher since 1563 who took over an old post station. After a fire in 1759 it was rebuilt in its current barocque style.
One of the last communistic town mayors in Germany was Anton Kannbacher, younger brother of the landlord of the "Kurfürstlicher Hof". He was mayor from 1924 to January 1933. He got arrested soon after the Nazis took over the power and was deported to the KZ Dachau where he died in 1936. During his time the statue of Lenin was erected in 1930. Destroyed in 1937 the statue was reerected by his son Thomas Kannbacher who was town mayer from 1946 untill his death in 1962.

Leading from the main road from the church to the railway station (and Kanneldings bit of industry) you'll find the "Shopping Mile" of Kanneldingen:
  • across the "Kurfürstlicher Hof" the department store "Müller" where you can buy almost everything from a nail to a motorbike
  • the Esso and the Shell Station of the Hanselmann Brothers. They couldn't find a solution to whom the gas station of their father belonged after his death so they split up the lot and opened a gas station each...
  • Willy's Bierrampe, a (not so) good place to drink a (or a lot more) beer in the evenings
  • right next to Willy's the "Goldene Ochse" is most probably the best restaurant in a medium range. It features even a star in the Guide Michelin!
  • brand new at the gates of the town lies the Kaufland, the first big supermarket in the area. It has opened last year and is the declared enemy of Herbert Müller, owner of the department store "Müller"

The soccer field of the SC 1911 Kanneldingen is situated right between the railway line and the cemetary. Noone ever counted how many balls went into the graveyard or the Rennbach but most probably not too much as the SC never one any title in his history ...
Bad people say that the doctor (the house next to the cemetary) has a perfect view to his future patients (from the soccer field) and already gone patients (on the cemetary) from his window ...

Nostalgia looks best in b/w ...
A steam train is passing the entry signal of Kanneldingen heading to Leonhardt. Steam train, semaphores, telegraph lines, signs of an era long gone ...

The Rennbach Valley. During the erection of the railway line in 1865 and later of the road in the thirties the Rennbach lost more and more of his natural bed and became rather channelized due to a lack of space.

The level crossing of the L301 with the railway line is secured by a block post. The semaphores can be opened only after the level crossing is secured. Nothing works automatically here, the blockpost (the small house next to the level crossing) must be filled with a person who handles both level crossings and semaphores during the time of train traffic!

Leaving Kanneldingen into the hills you don't see much special - just farms & forrests. Hey, what do you expect - it's the countryside!

This is what you call an Aussiedlerhof. The farmer has given up its farm buildings in the village and moved to the fields. His employes are living in the small houses next to the farm.
No bus stop here, have a car or walk - it's the countryside!

That's it. I may post additional pics after the comp here or in Urland.

Untill then

Have fun!

Bernhard  :thumbsup: