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February 07, 2023, 05:05:19 PM

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RHW (RealHighway) - Development and Support

Started by Tarkus, April 13, 2007, 09:10:49 PM

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RHW-6DD, would be nice. Austin, TX could use a DD highway or two.


For RHW FLUPs, I was puzzled by how to get those Subway pieces to convert to RHW, until I started tabbing on the RHW FLUP, and I was able to see underground starter pieces. I didn't even see this in the video I thought somehow connecting the Subway to the end of the FLUP ramp would convert the subway to an RHW FLUP, and I could never get that to work.


Quote from: roadgeek on October 22, 2022, 01:34:17 PMFor RHW FLUPs, I was puzzled by how to get those Subway pieces to convert to RHW, until I started tabbing on the RHW FLUP, and I was able to see underground starter pieces. I didn't even see this in the video I thought somehow connecting the Subway to the end of the FLUP ramp would convert the subway to an RHW FLUP, and I could never get that to work.
I had to add a "not a tutorial" tag on that video, as people were erroneously assuming it was, especially as it's not representative of how the new Subway-based FLUPs have worked since NAM 41. We got slammed with people coming to us with issues after NAM 40 added the RHW-4 portals, and people started trying to put them side-by-side (which didn't happen so much when it was just RHW-2 and MIS).  That caused all sorts of wonkiness with the automatic conversion of the Subway network out the ends of the portal, so we had to switch to the starter pieces.

I'll note, however, that the implementation change was documented in the NAM Documentation as soon as it occurred, and was referenced in the release notes for NAM 41Here is the link to the FLUPs Feature Guide on the new (still somewhat under construction) NAM site,


That's a pretty cool new website. I was wondering why I was not seeing much activity over here. I recommend the REW be under Specs & Capabilities.


"Just one more lane, bro . . ."

Inspired by a recent convergence--some discussions I've had recently with @Haljackey, and Simtropolis member tez being excited enough by the concept to piece together a DIY "fake" version in this thread over there, I've decided to revisit the idea of the RHW-12S.

Those of you who have been following the RHW project for many years know that the idea of the RHW-12S has been around for a good long while.  In fact, both the RHW-12S and another "mythical" network, the RHW-10C, were previously under development and originally slated for inclusion in NAM 31, which was released almost exactly 10 years ago (March 2nd, 2013). 

They were cut in the later stages of that development cycle, due to there not being any way to connect them to other networks--no ramp interfaces or transitions had been made at that point.  And after NAM 31 ended up being one of the absolute worst releases in NAM Team history (a fact many have forgotten, since the situation with SimCity (2013)'s release just a few days later overshadowed it), the RHW-12S and 10C, along with most other new network plans, were mothballed long-term.

However, 10 years later, and with the NAM Team in a much better place, it seems time to finally revisit these networks, beginning with the RHW-12S, which I have decided to make my main project for the NAM 47 cycle.  To answer a few questions I suspect many will have about this network:

Will there be elevated forms?


Much like the RHW-10S, the RHW-12S will come in L1 and L2 elevations.

What impact will this have on network capacity/congestion, when compared to the RHW-10S?

Sadly, not really much of one.  The game calculates capacity on a per-tile basis rather than a per-lane basis, and the necessary presence of crossover paths means that the "DIPs" trick (used to boost the RHW-3, RHW-6S, and many NWM networks) won't work here. 

In most instances, since they are of the same tile width, the RHW-12S will have the same capacity as the RHW-10S, with the exception of some isolated instances with curves (where the "new" lane extends on to tiles not really covered by the RHW-10S), and in the fact that the network mainline after ramps with lane drops will be wider (i.e. an RHW-12S Type D2 ramp will drop down to an RHW-8S, which is a substantial difference from the RHW-10S Type D2 dropping to an RHW-6S).

Note, however, that widths beyond the RHW-12S (and 10C) end up requiring greater tile widths, and will result in capacity increases.  (To paraphrase Lay's Potato Chips' slogan, "betcha can't add just one more lane".)

Wait . . . you said "will".  Does this mean there's going to be more widths beyond the RHW-12S?!

Yes.  There's another classification of RHW networks we've termed "Ultra-Wide".  The RHW-14S and 16S have long been in the official future RHW plans, along with the RHW-12C and 14C.  The RHW-16S (with 8 lanes per direction) has been planned to be the maximum, based on the status of the Downtown Connector (I-75/85) in Atlanta, Georgia, which has a sustained 15-lane mainline.  We are, however, evaluating the Arizona Department of Transportation's I-10 Broadway Curve Improvement Project in Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona, and how its mainline configuration translates to the RHW.

The development horizon for the Ultra-Wide RHW networks is still sometime farther off in the future, however.

What is happening with the RHW-10C?  Why is the RHW-12S currently being prioritized over it?

The RHW-10C is still planned to be added in a near-future release. It fills a parallel niche in the C-type network scheme to the one the RHW-12S occupies in the S-type scheme, and is ultimately a necessary preparatory step for future Ultra-Wide RHW development.  While the RHW-10C had some advocates within the team, the RHW already has one extant 10-lane network, the RHW-10S, whereas there is no 12-lane network.  This novelty factor, combined with the recent heightened interest in the network, has put the RHW-12S on the fast track for development.

Are we going to finally get X3 (i.e. 3-lane) FLEXRamps because of the RHW-12S?

X3 FLEXRamps are planned for the near term (there may have even been . . . prototypes), but they are very unlikely to be part of NAM 47.  The RHW-12S is slated to receive the same repertoire of ramps as the RHW-10S in this initial phase.

How about some more developmental screenshots?

Sure thing!  Here's some more from the early stages of development.

And yes, this time we have ramps.

What about Bridges?  Multi-Radius Curves?  Fractional Angles?  Cosmetic Pieces?  Is it possible?

Getting some serious History Channel vibes here.

Planned in some form or another . . . yes.  All those things in this release . . . no.



Oh yeah!  :thumbsup: RHW 12S!!!  :bnn: Waiting for RHW 14, 16, 18, 20 etc  :popcorn:
I loves Sim City forever!

Paul 999

12S Yeah! Good to see you guys are unstoppable :)


Thanks, @AsimPika3172 and @Paul 999

Quote from: AsimPika3172 on January 20, 2023, 06:13:13 PMWaiting for RHW 14, 16, 18, 20 etc
As mentioned in my previous post, we're currently planning at stopping at RHW-16S, and there are no plans at present for RHW-18 or RHW-20 (S or C).

Meanwhile, with the RHW-12S, things are . . . ramping up, so to speak.

RULs and textures are in place . . . pathing is not as of yet.



Nice ramps!  :thumbsup:  How about RHW 12S ramp into RHW 6S and RHW 6S each
I loves Sim City forever!


Quote from: AsimPika3172 on January 23, 2023, 04:15:23 PMNice ramps!  :thumbsup:  How about RHW 12S ramp into RHW 6S and RHW 6S each

RHW-12S splitting into two RHW-6S networks would be a Type D3 ramp (since the RHW-6S has three lanes per direction--the term "X3" refers to any ramp with a 6S branch, regardless of the angle/direction of the branch). 

As noted in my original announcement post on RHW-12S development, while such ramps are indeed planned, it's unlikely they'll be in NAM 47.



Next up . . . diagonal ramps.



Next up . . . FLEX Width Transition support.