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The Land of Desera

Started by nedalezz, February 01, 2010, 09:09:16 PM

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The State of Nesara

Quick History

10 Years Ago: A movement started by James Brooks for the right to live tax-free grows in numbers across the Pacific states, enough so that Washington DC takes notice and tries to clamp down on it.

7 Years Ago: The attempt to silence James Brooks' movement fails; support for the group spreads through the United States and sympathizers begin demanding they are given a semi-autonomous state.

2 Years Ago: After several rounds of negotiations, the government and James Brooks' team come to a compromise; an unpopulated and uncharted territory in southern Oregon will be handed over as a semi-autonomous. The name of the new territory is called the State of Nesara.

1 Years Ago: The State of Nesara starts finalizing its plans, and its temporary government, headed by James Brooks, begin to draw possible settlement options.

1 Month Ago: An area is picked for the first settlement, to be called Cedar, after the Nesaran Cedar found only in the area.

Present Day

With the location of the settlement of Cedar decided, the newly formed Nesara Council, headed by James Brooks, installed a large capacity generator alongside windmill powered water providers to provide the new town with its basic needs. About two years ago, when the State of Nesara was created, the US government presented it with a gift and paved two roads inside the region, one alongside the coastline heading north to south, and the other going west to east, across the heartland. It was on this road, called Country Road, that the settlement of Cedar would be founded.

The Nesara Council decided that a plot of land, which is 10x10 meters, or 100 sq. meters (1x1 in SC terms), alongside Country Road would sell for $1,000, and any plot not situated on it would sell for half that price. A few buyers, all retired folk who were looking for somewhere quiet to call home, bought up a few plots alongside Brooks'  home and the site of the Nesara Council offices.

The beginning of Cedar.

After a few months of construction work and the completion of the first batch of houses, there were a few more buyers who began developing their own homes as well, and the base for the Nesara Council office building was finished, meaning there would be a few more months of development work before they could move into it. In the meantime, all Nesara Council business was being handled in James Brooks' home across Country Road from the site.

The population of Cedar at this time was 22 residents. The area around Cedar was a dense wooded area, so almost all of the wood used for the construction of the houses was local wood. The generator was fully operational, and water was available in every household. The council billed the residents every month for their utility usage, and it was a decent source of income. They had also made about $80,000 from selling plots of land, but were trying to find alternative methods of generating income.

Close-up of where the Nesara Council offices are being constructed, opposite James Brooks' house, the first to be completed in Cedar.

The first few residents move in.


Great start! Excellent story so far :thumbsup:! Great use of Weasel's construction lots. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out :D.

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Wow, your shots look great!  It's going to be interesting to watch this area grow. 

Did you do something to the images before posting them?  For some reason they look very sharp in both color and depth.  Whatever the case, they look very nice indeed! 


canyonjumper: Weasel's lots are pure eyecandy, amazing BATs I think :) I will utilize them alot, although Im looking for the dirt terrain other MDs are using along with the BATs, I cant seem to find them :(

Battlecat: I am using Coral Paint Shop, I found it to be better than Photoshop, atleast for me. I love how the pictures turn out...I basically increase the contrast a bit, and sharpen the image out a bit, and voila!

Update Coming Soon!


Nice to see you back, Nedalezz !
I really enjoyed watching these pictures, as usual I like how they turned out. The effect added is always excellent and like in your old MDs, the mix of those maxis trees and SimFox's ones is fantastic !
Looking forward to more for sure !
-Arthur.  :thumbsup:

(ps - don't forget to save this region in a ED !  :P )
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Awesome work! Did you rotate the pics because I'm not sure if the game roads run in that way. anyways, great work and I expect great things!

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.



art128: I think Ive been using the same mix of trees for the past 2 years, lol. The SimFox trees are incredible, though, I really love how well theyre done.

warconstruct: Thank you!

Driftmaster07: Yea, I forgot to mention, I rotate the pics as well :)


The State of Nesara

Population: 45

The Nesara Council offices were completed on schedule, on the corner of Country Road and a dirt path leading south. A family had bought the 400 sq. meter plot of land to the south of the offices, and construction had already began on their new home. A few of the other houses in Cedar were also completed, and in their place a few had just begun their development.

The Nesara Council, led by James Brooks, moved out of his house and into their new headquarters. Their first order of business was to come up with a solution for the basic utilities; the water windmills, of which there was two, could only handle so much capacity, and the large generator providing the town's power supply was both expensive and limited.

A direct appeal to the US government was sent through the usual bureaucratic system, so the council decided to try to finance their projects through their own means. After researching the matter, a small power plant would cost $1.2 million, money the council simply did not have. The other alternative was to buy another large generator and split the town into two sections, but this solution was only temporary and did not solve the larger issue at hand. An offer from a private company to build and operate a power plant while giving the Nesara Council a cut of the profits was quickly shot down, as it was decided that it would only be a state operated facility.

The Nesara Council office building.


Two updates from nedalezz in one day.... ;D
Great pictures and a great story, what more can you ask for?
I love the construction stuff.
I look forward to spending alot of time here.

Robin  :thumbsup:
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Great stuff Nedalezz! Good PSP effects used. I think this will turn into a great MD, if it isn't already :D!

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Tomas Neto

Hi my friend, very cool know that you have a new MD!!! Awesome updates, very impressive!!!  &apls



rooker1: Hehe, yeah, had some free time at the airport waiting for my flight :)

canyonjumper: Thanks, I quite like how the effects on the pics turn out as well.

Tomas Neto: Thanks, yeah Berania wasnt saved :( Ill back this one on the ED ever couple of weeks.


The State of Nesara: Update Three

Population: 112

Projects: Power Plant (Nesara Council, tentative), Mini-Market (Jim Calhoun, Country Road), Davidson Contracting Ltd. offices (Danny Davidson, Country Road)

Jim Calhoun recently moved in to Cedar from northern California, looking for opportunity and a quiet way of life. He also decided to bring his business along; he had owned and operated a small supermarket in Eureka before moving in. He acquired a 40x20 (800 sq. meters) piece of land - half of which was used to build his house, and the other half the newly registered Cedar Market.

Meanwhile, the Nesara Council continued to plan the construction of a new power plant to help support the growing town. The location was still undecided, but the general blueprint was already in motion.

A shot of Cedar.

A closeup of Cedar.

The town had grown to over 100 people, and a further 100 were expected to move in shortly. Construction was everywhere, which brings us to our business highlight of the day.

Davidson Contracting Ltd: Owned and run by Danny Davidson and his two sons, Davidson Contracting is the only such company in Nesara, and is responsible for almost construction going on in Cedar. The company got its beginnings alongside the founding of the town, and the Davidsons were one of the very first families to move in. Establishing a contracting firm shortly after settling, they became the only people to call if you wanted construction done. Currently, Davidson Contracting Ltd. is the only privately owned company operating in Nesara, with Cedar Market slated to be the second. With the business growing significantly in such a short period, Davidson recently acquired a piece of land to open an office for his work.

An aerial view of Cedar.


Looking sharp.   :D  What are you using for the sidewalks?  :)


Very nice indeed!  You're focusing in really close on the development of this town!  It's an interesting read as well! 


Interesting update! Great development stuff!

I'm the one who jumped across the Grand Canyon... and lived.


What a nice way to start! And what a wonderful room and potential for a city to grow.
I like how you turns the construction in to those lovely houses.



scott1964: Hmm, I think its the SMP Sidewalk Mod, although Im not sure of the link. I believe I got it from the STEX.

Battlecat: Yeah, the most enjoyable part of an MD for me is really focusing on the details, imagining a real life urban scenario, complete with characters and companies.

canyonjumper: Thank you, the development will continue as Cedar begins to expand :)

Q-Tips: Im actually using a huuuuuge map which I havent developed yet, lol. But I have a vision of placing Cedar not too far from the coast, perhaps expanding towards there.

Now for a quick teaser pic!


Great teaser.  (TY!)  ;)
The street looks like it's coming along nicely.

Robin  :thumbsup:
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