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The Land of Desera

Started by nedalezz, February 01, 2010, 09:09:16 PM

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Very nice  start to your MD. I look forward to seeing how this develops :thumbsup:


Fantastic start to a new MD &apls
I've also read your old MD - so I know what to expect here (...fantastic work... :satisfied:)
Looking forward to the next updates - you've got quite an interasting story here :thumbsup:

Fabian :)


I remember your MDs from old and they were superb. What you have done so far is pretty amazing aswell I love how you have brought to life this neighbourhood.



Nice teaser my friend, looks like a painting. As Robin said, the street looks like it's coming nicely. I like to see the development of a city step by step, you've done it really well.
Can't wait to see more !

Arthur. :thumbsup:
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The State of Nesara: Update Four

Population: 206

Projects: Power Plant (Nesara Council)

The Nesara Power Plant was finally underway, just north of the town. The estimate of $1.2 million was slated as too high a cost for the plant, and it was finally confirmed as feasible at $850,000. Despite repeatedly being rejected, the Nesara Council finally got the approval from the federal government to fund half of the project. With construction underway (sub-contracted to Davidson Contracting Ltd.), expected commencement of operation was a short time away.

The new Cedar Power Plant site.

Elsewhere in town, Davidson Contracting Ltd. opened up their offices on Country Road just west of the James Brooks' residence. Danny Davidson, the owner, claimed it was the biggest step the company had taken since it began business, and also said he hoped to help the local economy by employing a further 12 people.

Cedar Market, owned and operated by Jim Calhoun, also opened up for business. Situated on Country Road, Calhoun's business was the second to open in Cedar. The average sales per day was $600, a number he hoped would improve as the town grew. Employing 3 other people, the total expenses per year was approximately $100,000, just about the amount the building he constructed cost him. Although in the current conditions it seemed like a big investment, Calhoun was banking on the growth of Cedar to start bringing in more customers.

Couple of shots of Cedar.


Looks great, I'm really enjoying the story side of things here.  Which homes are those?  They look familiar, but I can't seem to identify them. 


Great update! Which building are you using for the Council offices?

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I like how this goes. It all looks so natural and peaceful. Wonderful.



Q-Tips: Thanks, its peaceful for now, yeah hehe. Miles and miles of wooded forests and grass plains, and the ocean to the west.

canyonjumper: That is the Bank of Nova Scotia by Spa, a great little building if you ask me :)

Battlecat: I believe they are R$ Matt325 BATs, although Im not 100% certain. I have this bad habit of not memorizing the BATs I have d/led :( Sorry!

art128: Thanks, yeah I intended it to look like a painting. My favorite part of development is taking it step by step.

Fabian93: Well I hope you stay impressed, hehe. The story will get bigger and more dramatic as the town expands Im sure.

Connor: Thanks, hope you like how it develops!

rooker1: Your welcome ;) Thanks for the compliments.

Now for the teaser! Enjoy!

Tomas Neto

Wow, fabulous image!!! The handling with effects that you did in this image is marvelous!!!


Great pic! I like that effect!

           -Jordan :thumbsup:
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Beautiful forests and small towns.  Hard to go wrong.

It's been way too long, my friend.  I'm looking forward to seeing where you take Nesara.

D. Edgren

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Great teaser. That town is looking fantastic  &apls


Looks really great my friend ! This teaser is excellent, I like how the town is encircled by the forest ! I guess the power plant is growing, right ? It already looks bigger than last time..  :)

Take care,
-Arthur. :thumbsup:
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That teaser is one awesome picture and I can't wait to see where you're going with this



The town and story are coming along very nicely.
It must have taken for ever to plant those tree just right.  I like how you added in just a few seasonals.
Great work, I wait patiently for the next update.

Robin  :thumbsup:
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The State of Nesara: Update Five

Population: 355

Completed Projects: Cedar Power Plant (Nesara Council)

Developing Projects: N/A

The Cedar Power Plant was finally completed, and was fully operational. The steam plant was small by any standard, but more than capable of supporting Cedar's short term expected growth. Although that meant higher costs and utility bills for the residents, it also meant stable and capable power for the town, a fair exchange in everyone's eyes. The power plant also employed 43 workers, 4 of which were managers, becoming the largest employer in town.

The old diesel generator that used to power the town.

The new steam power plant about half a mile north of the center of Cedar.

Growth had begun to slow down after the latest batch of land was sold, with only a couple of houses under construction. Land was still being sold at the same price as before ($1,000 per 100 square meters). The Nesara Council was busy making roads, and although unpaved, was going to theoretically make more land purchasable now that they had road access.

I felt I need to replace the old Davidson offices, so now they look like this.

An aerial of Cedar.


Very cool update!  Lots of fantastic details here, the town looks great!


This is looking really good! Nice shots! :thumbsup:


Cool shots, nedalezz! Details are great!

            -Jordan :thumbsup:
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