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August 15, 2022, 11:30:51 PM

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Cogeo's Transportation Lots

Started by cogeo, June 01, 2008, 08:24:47 AM

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Quote from: jplumbley on August 16, 2008, 12:36:23 AM

Anyways, the lot.. why does it act as an intersection?  Well, people *should* be slowing down to go into and park in the lot, because well its a station isn't it?  But we aren't using it as a station...  So why would it act like a station...

And people wonder why i dint like the idea of STATIONS being used as TRAFFIC NETWORKS...  I just boggles my mind..

yes, I fully agree with you JP...
and i mean this as no disrespect toward Cogeco.. In fact I use more of his stations than any other modder..
I have certainly thought about using the road top stations, they have a certain "appeal" to them for sure  .
But I hadn't quite felt the need to use them.. and than I saw your first posting about them..
In light of what your saying here , and your explanation is a very good one.. I think I will try to get by with
the stations I'm using currently in my city.. Obviously each person will have to make the decision on whether to
use the stations or not.. weighing the different pros and cons ..Thanks for taking the time to explain all that to us JP..



Quote from: jplumbley on August 16, 2008, 12:36:23 AM
Anyways, the lot.. why does it act as an intersection?  Well, people *should* be slowing down to go into and park in the lot, because well its a station isnt it?  But we arent using it as a station...  So why would it act like a station...

But traffic doesn't slow down every time it passes a bus stop - why RTMT stations?

You know me by now - I don't give up easily.  So I started looking at the RTMT exemplars, and by golly, there's a property called "Transit Switch Capacity Effect."  It's a Boolean, and according to the Reader documentation, "If true, this building radiates capacity like intersections do."  Bingo!  And wouldn't you know it, this Boolean is set to "true" in all the RTMT lots.  So to solve this particular problem, all that needs to be done is to reset that particular property to "false".  I can't think of any reason at all not to do this for RTMT stations.  Looking at a few other roadside MT stations randomly, this property isn't even present, which is why traffic doesn't slow down going past them.

Cogeo, are you around?  Do you disagree with me here?  If not, could you please fix this in your distributed version?

Anyway, I won't deny that there are certain disadvantages to RTMT stations, but at least this doesn't have to be one of them.  Overall, I still think they're definitely worth using.  And as jplumbley and I have already been through a long discussion on this issue, there's no need to repeat it here.  I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.  (Although Brian, you might want to look at our discussion here if you were thinking at all about these lots.)  And I'll agree with jplumbley completely on one point:  In the end, it should be up to the users whether or not to use these lots.
QuoteDuh..  Stooopid game.
Don't I know it!  Some day, my friend, we need to get our hands on the source code (legitimately, of course), and fix some of the worst aspects of this game.


Sure Z..

if this is the only hang up with these stations and it can be easily remedied as you explained in your post.., id
love to give them a try sometime..Cogeco makes really good stations and he puts as much hard work and effort
into them as anyone I've seen really.. he is prolly caught up with real life stuff right now...

and ya i know you Z, you never give up and also you are very gifted with this stuff !



Quote from: jplumbley on August 16, 2008, 12:14:04 PM

And you are quoting links to show B22rian, so that he will read what you have to say, which is incorrect and I just dont want to take the time to explain it any further, because Mott, has already explained why you are wrong in his first post.  I realize, some people will read your posts and follow your ideas on the TE Lot discussion, but I cannot change that, I can only say that people should read the first post in that thread and not the last ones.

Its ok JP, I fully agree with you.. its up to each person's responsibility to read ALL the posts on a given issue and
not just read one or 2 posts out of context because there too lazy to read the entire thread .. Than they need to
decide what they want to do.. You can't hold our hands so to speak and decide for us .. Now sometimes that may
be difficult when issues are being debated , and many of us dont have either your technical know-how or Z's..
But such is life.. But I will state my own feelings because its another avenue for me to again thank both you and
Mott for what you have done for this community and i feel its been a lot ! To be honest  I wouldnt use the road top stations until and/ or unless I heard from you or Mott it was a good idea to use them.. And I hope this dosent
hurt Z's feelings.. but you guys (and many others) have been around this community for awhile now and you have
done so much for all of us and i respect that maybe more than you know.. I  doenjoy listening to the new ideas that come up from time time on this board ( and im sure many others do also ).. and reading about them.. I'm confident also that you would agree Z has shown the ability to contribute maybe in a similar fashion to you and others who have both come and gone too ..with some new ideas.. And As i mentioned in a previous post  I just hope we can all work together for the betterment of the community overall as you and Mott have always done in the past..

I also understand your feelings that you feel you have spent enough time on this particular issue and would simply
like to move on.. I respect that fully..

I know this sounds a little corny but I give thought to you and Mott every time I play this game .. how much better the path finding engine and the new traffic sims you guys created over the original  maxis one, and
the improvements are quite obvious to me every time i play this game..I will always be most appreciative for you
and Mott for that..

I wish you the best always , thanks JP..

I know I got a bit off -topic with this post so I will apologize for that..



This is neither the time nor the place for me to respond to jplumbley's posts.  But for the benefit of cogeo and anyone using his RTMT stations, I just wanted to state that I have verified through extensive testing that setting the Transit Switch Capacity Effect property to "false" in the RTMT exemplars completely removes the excess congestion around them.


On the previous page of this thread, cogeo announced that he no longer had the time to develop RTMT, and offered to pass it on to someone else.  I volunteered to take that position, and he accepted my offer.  Since then, we have been working together, and he has been passing over substantial amounts of knowledge about RTMT to me.  We have now reached the point where the handover is essentially complete, and RTMT development is ready to continue.  For this purpose, a child board named RTMT Place has been set up at the top level, and the initial threads are all now posted there.  You can find new projects that are coming up in RTMT and others that are proposed in the New Additions to RTMT thread.  But this is going to be a lot more work than I can do by myself, so those of you with good BATting skills who would like some interesting work are encouraged to check out the Call for RTMT Team Members and Testers thread.  As the name of the thread implies, we're also looking for people to serve as testers for the coming creations.  Speaking for myself, I have always found cogeo's work to be of the highest quality, and I fully intend to maintain that level of quality through subsequent releases.  So please come on over and check out our new board, and join in if you're interested!


Those are gorgeous, cogeo!  z- good luck.  If staff can facilitate stuff to help out, we're just a PM away.

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Hey, sorry to dig up an old thread, but I was having problems with the GLR>Rail Interchange Hub lots.

The "Large Rail / GLR Interchange (GLR at East)" station doesn't seem to convert rail into GLR. I made sure that the "draggable" patch is *not* installed. (funny thing, when i use the patch, it works fine for one orientation of the nation, but not the other).

I discovered, however, that if I use the SC4Tool and I modify the transit switch, the conversion now takes place!

Essentially, it looks like they need:


Combining East / West seems to prevent them from working, at least, for me...

This also appears to have the side effect of 'doubling' the usage of the station. I have 4000 people on the train going in, and 4000 on the tram going out, so capacity is 8000. I am increasing them significantly for my cities anyway, since Z found that capacity doesn't necessarily mean much..


I hate to bump this... but I get the no car zot over the small glr stations if there placed beside a road instead of in front of it.  I have other stations that work fine in this congif but not that one. Is there a way to fix this?
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This is something I haven't heared of before, not specifically for these stations, but for ANY lot. Could you test once more please? Maybe it was something temporary, a simulator problem. Quite strange, the no access zot concerns the sims who work there, not commuters, I think.

Still, if some more experienced lotmakers can help, Please Post.

However, these station had a problem with modding, which concerned transit switchings and orientation. It was fixed and updated as of June 21, 2008. Pls make sure you have the fixed version installed.

Also. if you have installed the Draggable GLR Patch for these stations, you need... some modding. Open the patch file, and delete the building exemplar (leave only the lot exemplar), because it carries over that old bug; the building exemplar is not needed to make the Lot connecting to draggable GLR (it wasn't me who uploaded that patch, so I cannot update it).


It was me who uploaded that set, and I left in the building exemplar file on purpose for fixing the Mac bug that affects the capacity of the station due to a REP count of 1 instead of 0. I cannot remember if I did check the original files for other bugs such as proper transit switch settings and the like, though.


Hi all,

I have been looking for some simple parking lots to plop next to mass-transit stations w/o parking facilities. Searched the LEX and STEX, but didn't find something very much suitable. There are such lots on the STEX but (at least the ones I found) they were badly modded, like having strong landmark effects, increasing mayor rating etc, while many of them are modded as parks. So I decided to make my own ones, for personal use.


Here is how they are used, ie with El, GLR, Subway, Monorail and Bus stations, to expand their catchment area (at the residential end, of course - using the ingame garage there looks ugly and takes space):

The pack contains lots of various sizes, from 1x1 to 2x4 and 4x2, using maxis-only props and textures (both the $$ and $$$ ones). They are functional, like the ingame parking garage. They are quite standard-looking, I hope (this was a design goal).

I have finished with what I wanted for me, though I would welcome any comments or suggestions. For example, the cement base texture (around the parking pavement) is of questionable appearance (though this is a matter of taste); however it's neutral, although a somewhat lighter one might look "better" maybe. Using grass textures there wouldn't look right, I think (though the area is really small), while a "pavement" one would be quite disruptive.

I'm not sure if this is worth releasing. If anybody wishes to continue working on it, I would be happy to hand it over. Most of the work is done:
- Lotting (as it is now)
- Modding: all parameters have been set, and are orgainized into a set of cohorts, which I think is more convenient. It makes it much easier to change things across all lots of the pack, add MML or DAMN easier, etc. Also LTEXTs are already done.

What needs to be done:
- The bigger lots (2x2, 2x3, 3x2, 2x4, 4x2)
- Better menu icons
- Consider an MML or DAMN
- A Readme (huh!)
- Maybe a simple installer

If you are interested in this pack, please post or send me a PM.

Thanks for reading


Great job, keep going &hlp :thumbsup: &apls
Just an idea: There is a set of props made by onlyplace4, that connects the lot with the road, like this...

This is the addon: BLaM Overpath Props Volume 1

I think that those props will make the parking lots even better :)
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