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Jason's BATs

Started by Jasoncw, April 06, 2008, 10:47:38 AM

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Hi everyone, this will be my BAT thread on SC4D. 

Completed BATs (on the STEX): 

  • The Pylon
  • Patrol Car Lot
  • Central Police Station
  • M. Maria Branch Library
  • The Knoll Building
  • Benjamin Pump
  • Perry Station

  • VanWingerden Plaza C
  • VanWingerden Plaza B
  • VanWingerden Plaza A
  • A. D. Rean Branch Library
  • Happy Camera & Brei Market
  • Chase Tower
  • Marietta Hotel
  • Washington Square Arch
  • The Sojot Building
  • The Olde Building

  • The Audubon Building
  • The Vinton Building
  • Chicago Water Tower
  • HK Pawn Shop
  • Regal Theater
  • Pearl Place
  • Train Station Set
  • Wagner & Diehl
  • Snow Modd
  • The Detroit Free Press Building
  • Fisk Insurance

  • Mary Hotel
  • Wagner Hotel
  • Medium Sized Train Station
  • Small Train Station
  • 3 Houses
  • Monkey-Dragon Games
  • Poiriers's Pictures

Italics are Barry Sanders Project BATs.  I'll post BSP BAT updates here too.

My Thread on Simtropolis.


The textures are temporary right now (they are textures from other BATs, which are about what I want for this building).  There's still more modeling to do before I start the real textures.

This will be a 2x2, and there will also be a 2x4 version (it will have a larger base).


That looks awesome dude. It really does. Say, have you considered uploading these to the LEX? That building looks great, reminds me of this one building in Lower Manhattan.
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Looks great. Looking forward to seeing more of you have coming up, I'l already enjoyed your BATs.
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jason looks real good there and I do like the looks of the building and i cant wait to see you finish it up.....

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TopCliff:  Thanks!  No, I don't have plans to upload to the LEX right now.

XiahouDun:  Thanks, I'm glad you've liked them.   :)

  Yeah, it'll probably be called "Nafmis Tower".  That's just a temporary texture.  It's "Perry Station"'s texture, with some arbitrary UVW Map on it.  I'll try to keep an eye on my lines (and my value differences) though.  I tend to exaggerate them too much, and my limestone often ends up looking like terra cotta.

Pat:  Thanks!


love that style jason and i wil definetly use the final version


Hello Jason. There is a lot to like when I look at your building. I like the window coloring. The details (large panes, small panes) and the dark fascia that defines each floor. I like the limestone looking blocks. A hint was made that it looks too crisp but I kind of like it. But if want to soften it? I sometimes will go into Paint Shop and use the pixel distortion tool to make things a bit fuzzy sometimes. I don't know what your paint program is but I am sure it's there.

I like the details you've put at the top of the parapets and the gargoyles? (near the top and on the sides.) I suppose that the green coloring is temporary. And there will be something in the end that more resembles weathered copper. It is the small things and your attention to detail that differentiates a good bat from a so so ran. Anyway – welcome to SC4D and I wish you luck in your thread here. It is great that you are giving us a sneak peek at what you're doing.
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Nice BAT...only one critique and that is the ground floor is a bit too low...it's suffering from the ole BAT squash.  :thumbsup:
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Well Jason, again you're making me having to wipe my keyboard as i've drooled all over it. Though I do not agree with callagrafx that the ground floor's too low - I do hope you'll be releasing some buildings like these with a different color scheme than grey/white with black details. But I could be mental and buildings the size of these are never a different color (?) - keep up the great work!
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Sorry guys, I haven't had time to BAT lately (end of the semester crunch).

Squidi:  Thanks!

jmyers2043:  Thanks!  I'm glad you like it.  The limestone texture is temporary.  Later I'll make a new texture for it from scratch in Photoshop.  I guess I'll make a few variations and I'll post them here to see what people like.  Thanks for posting.   :)

callagrafx:  Thanks, the ground floor is actually ok, but all of the other floors are actually too high.  In the game though it doesn't seem to be a problem (it doesn't look out of scale).  I plan on redoing the entrance though, so maybe I'll modify the rest of the ground floor as well.  In the future I'll post the renders photoshoped into SC4.

Howling:  lol, thanks.  I personally like color in buildings a lot, though this building is too gothic for color.  Maybe sometime I'll make a building with a lot of terra cotta or enameled panels.

I'll also post what else I've been up to.

The beginnings of a bus station pack.

A police station.  This screenshot is slightly out of date, but that's basically what it is.  Along with it will be a patrol car lot, which will have extra patrol cars for your city.

Here is the Knoll Building.  This has been exported, but I will be re-exporting it because there is too much contrast in the facade for the game.

The Police Station and the Knoll Building are both basically done (they're being tested and modded), so there won't be any more changes to those.  They were supposed to be quickies in the first place anyway.


Love your work and these last two BATs are no exception.  &apls The police station looks great and I can see a good place for it in my city. 
Robin  :thumbsup:
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Jason that start of the bus station pack looks good and I cant wait to see more devolpment on it....  The Police station looks as it could be a Downtown one and btw what are the stats on it?  The knoll building looks like it could have come right out of a photo!!!   

Other then all that Jason take it easy with the finals dont want you to get burnt out on school lol....

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Thanks guys!  Finals have finished and I've moved back home.  I've started a new building.

I'm trying to do the glass similar to how SimFox has been doing his.

I don't know what this building will be.  The building itself is about 1.5 x 4 tiles big.  I think the lot will be a 3x4, with a plaza in the front.  It seems kind of small for an office building, so I think a civic function would be best.


Could be a trendy police station, or even an upscale library... :thumbsup:
The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it


Something about it makes me think some kind of government office building, or maybe a police HQ.
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You may have meant to search for Houdini. (result of searching for XiahouDun on SC4D)


Great BAT Jason, very Mies Van Der Rohe. It reminds me of the Kluczynski Federal Building or the IBM Building in Chicago.


Alittle off topic, but I have a question - Have you ever thought of Making a hospital that would of been build in the 1900 - 1940s era?


Interesting looking little bat. If you're looking to make it a civic building it makes me think of the modern buildings that are often located next to the old city halls that are filled with city staff.


Looking good there Jason and I do agree with Lee that this would look perfect as a library...

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