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NAM May 2010 Release

Started by Tarkus, May 09, 2010, 01:46:51 PM

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Well, it's official.  There's a new NAM up on the LEX for May 2010.

Here's a look at the new features:

  • New modular Turning Lane Plugin (TuLEPs) has been added.
  • New GLR-in-Avenue puzzle pieces have been added.
  • New GLR-in-Road puzzle pieces have been added.
  • New GLR-in-Street puzzle pieces plugin have been updated.
  • New FLUP pieces have been added.
  • New Underground Rail puzzle pieces have been added.
  • Rail Viaduct Wide Radius Curve has been added.
  • Traffic Simulators and Data View Plugins have been updated once again and reduced to five basic settings.
  • Custom Traffic Simulators and Data View Plugins can be created with the "Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool".
  • Numerous RUL, texture and pathing errors have been fixed.
  • NAM Controller and Bridge Controller files have been updated to support the latest NAM features, several new bridges and the RHW 4.0 and NWM 1.0 releases.
  • NAM Installer has been improved for easier handling and additional help for installing new Traffic Simulators.

You can pick it up here:

In addition, the long-awaited Version 4.0 update of the RealHighway mod (RHW) and the first-ever Network Widening Mod (NWM) has been released.

You can pick them up here as well:
RealHighway Windows
RealHighway MacOS
Network Widening Mod Windows
Network Widening Mod MacOS.


-The NAM Team


om nom nom nom

first reply! :D yipeee
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Godly is all I can say. Thanks a bunch!


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Now that's what I call a surprise!  :thumbsup: *faints*
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You guys are fluping awesome ;D   Nice birthday present!  :o
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OMG !!! fantastic

Fabulous work, thanks to the NAM tema for this new version   &apls &apls &apls

go to try it now   :P
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Thank-you thank-you!! New Toys Yippee! it must be Christmas in May!  ;D  :D  :)  &apls

God Bless NAM and all who work on the team...  :sunny:

Jack  :satisfied:


Always great to see new stuff. Wonder if you folk, possibly in concert with xxdita, could put together a cleanitol file which identifies known releases which conflict in some way with the NAM? (old release stuff, some older and/or conflicting, etc).. this may not be possible but just a thought


Fantastic! Great work to the whole of the NAM team!

Ethan  :thumbsup:


WOW ! Awesome work guys, thanks for the release !  &apls &apls
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Thank you very much NAM team

Downloading *-*


Uh-oh, hopefully, the LEX won't break due to the download bash. ;) Anyway, we put an extra-strong effort in compiling the latest version, and even though we made detailed test runs, some things might not work properly due to the sheer number of new items that come with the NAM, the RHW and the NWM in particular. Since so many things have changed within the NAM, it is probably best to uninstall the previous version and install the new one from scratch. Don't skip the optional components page without having a closer look at the items that are listed there!

We added some new code that also helps you to select a Traffic Simulator, and as you might have noticed, the list is considerably shorter than usual. We decided to concentrate on a few easy to understand Traffic Simulators, an option to keep your old simulator, or configure your own with the new Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool by Stefan79, which can be installed as an option. Hopefully, this should make things easier, and reduce support issues. There's extensive information about all the new stuff in the readme files, so please refer to those first before asking questions.

Some of the new items might be somewhat confusing at the first glance, so you should try them in a test city first in order to get the hang of them. We will also publish a few more tutorials over the next few days, so this should help you as well. Euro textures for the new items are in production right now, but it will take a while to finish everything, as there's so many new content packed into this release (and some of the items have been in development since many months or even years, like the NWM). Please post your questions and possible bug reports in the appropriate support threads, the links can be found in the readme files.

And now, enjoy the new NAM! :)


Fantastic! Great work guys! This is the single greatest add-on in the entire history of the game.


That's awesome. Huge thanks to the whole NAM team! &apls &apls &apls
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OMG im in shock!!!!!! :o :o :o :o
Thank you so much NAM Team

Exodia the forbidden one

Oh! oh!
Oh! oh!

Wahoo! NWM, and the 2010 NAM together!