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new tram & lightrail track like the main train tracks

Started by Aleksander, February 23, 2007, 03:55:24 AM

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the puzzle tram & lightrail track cause the game to crash and return to desktop, I have had it done 11 times in past 3 hours, when using the grl station and I placed a test station, it worked a few times before the game crashed.



If I'm reading this correctly, I assume that the problem is that you place the station first and then try to lay GLR track over / through it.

The NAM, to my knowledge, needs you to place the GLR track first and then the station, and then connect the station tracks to  the other tracks by using El-rail tracks.

Well, I'm not the expert here, but I'm sure that's the way to go.

Anybody else? :P
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M, you are right.

Start by laying out the track.
Then place the stations.
Active the path with in the station by dragging EL-Track.

The bug is not in the NAM, but in the game itself.
It courses the game to crash when you hover a puzzle piece over an transit enable lot like the stations are.


hi vester & M
I lay track first then place station, when trying to extend the track the part you need is not there to make a left or a curve
and not all the grl station I get all I get is a big brown box. how  do I get rid of that now



To get the other puzzle pieces, click on the tab key. It's the one over Caps Lock and it have two arrows.

What stations are we talking about ? Sound strange.


Hi, this manual:
"Start by laying out the track.
Then place the stations.
Active the path with in the station by dragging EL-Track."

is not work in my game. I must put glr stations and then I must lay out tracks but not over station. El tracks don't react when I try active station with them.