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NAM 32 (Full Release) Now Available

Started by Tarkus, January 14, 2014, 10:57:45 PM

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Quote from: compdude787 on September 07, 2014, 06:55:33 PM
I guess that the reason it says "NAM 32 Pre-release" in the installer is because someone forgot to change that. ;)

Indeed.  Didn't merit a reupload to fix it, as the pre-release ironed out all the critical issues, and especially as all the other text everywhere correctly states that it's the proper NAM 32, including the window title.  In the actual Pre-Release installer, the word "Pre-Release" is in the window title and everywhere else.  If you download it from anywhere else, you'll see the same thing.

Also, if features appear to be "missing", make sure you've really looked over all the options in the installer in custom installation mode.  There's a lot of features there, many of which you'll need to expand the menus for by clicking the little "+" icons to see everything.  Additionally, some new draggable items won't add new icons.  There's more included in NAM 32 than any other past NAM release, and it pays to check every nook and cranny.




First, thank you for keeping improving ths game more than a decade after its release! Without you guys think we'd all have stopped playing long time ago.

I'm experiencing an issue trying to install the Version 32.
The installer tells me I need the latest official update and sends me to SC4 Devotion to install it. Thing is, I can't run the patch. As soos as I try to execute it says Invalid Registry/INI entry (no idea what that means).

Note that I've been using all the previous versions of the NAM without any issue.


We started including a version check on the game in the NAM 31.2 release, mainly as we had issues with people trying to blame the NAM Team for things that were actually issues with the original game, and solved by EP1 Update 1 (the 1.1.638 patch).  There's 5 different SKUs for EP1 Update 1, each for different regions.  As some disc copies purchased in more recent years may have been originally intended for a region other than where the user may have purchased it, sometimes, this will pose a complication.  In that case, it may make sense to try other SKUs.

Additionally, if you're using a No CD hack, the NAM installer will not consider that to be a valid installation, mainly as there's no way of telling if the other game files are actually updated properly.




Thank you for your feedback.
I actually just saw the other post in this forum related to this issue -sorry about that.

Since I relocated to another country and forgot to take the copy of the game with me, I got a no-cd patch so this has to be the reason. Expat' issues...
I'll try to get the game on steam then.



if you get the game from steam, you won't need to download any patch as the game is already patched to the last version!
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Why the installer have some options "randomly" unselected on the complete install? (example some stations, more weirdly, there is an station where the diagonal version is installed, and the orthogonal not, and another station that was designed for light rail, but by default installs a heavy rail version instead...)

Also... you people need to make a list of what stuff are still addons, it is not clear what is merged, and what ins't in the main installer.


Quote from: speeder on March 09, 2015, 07:39:57 PM
Also... you people need to make a list of what stuff are still addons, it is not clear what is merged, and what ins't in the main installer.

The only "official" NAM plugin that isn't now merged into the installer is the Diagonal Bridge Enabler, for obvious reasons (i.e. "where's my water?").  Everything else that was previously a separate-download NAM component--things like the RHW, the NWM, HSRP, SAM, RAM, RuRP, all the custom bridges and official cosmetic/retexture mods--has been included in the NAM itself since NAM 31, plus a basic array of stations, to eliminate the previous "batteries not included" situation with GLR and the like.



Which is the "last" NAM Version as of now?
Is V32 a full/final one?
I could find V32 PR. Is this not yet fully implemented or not "stable"?

Finally, which is the "recommended" version?

Thank you


v33 PR is up on the LEX, that's what I'd recommend you download. It's got many fixes for NAM 32 content, the only outstanding issues relate to some of the new content in 33, but we're talking things like fixing textures mostly. As such this makes it the preferred option if the words Pre Release don't scare you away  $%Grinno$%.