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NAM 36 Now Available

Started by Tarkus, September 13, 2017, 04:27:49 AM

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After reading this whole list of congratulations, one could get the impression that the dev team of the NAM is supposed to get karma points. Since there's a certain overlap of the dev team and SC4D core members, maybe they are too shy to give the karma points to themselfs.

I propose the active Members of the NAM team, which were involved in developing the latest iteration of the NAM, to receive a karma point for their efforts and work on NAM 36, stimulating the SC4 community, once again.
This should include people, who are not official NAM team members but had a direct and significant impact on bringing the NAM 36 online.


Gorgeous, like every single NAM version was...!


With a little delay ... But I wanted to thank you for the work that the team NAM has done, a great version!

Thank you very much! &apls &apls &apls


Finally!  :bnn: I've been dying to use that new turn lane feature!  ;D


So Awesome!!!!
Thank You for all your hard work!!  And of course precious time!! &apls &apls