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Ground light rail problems

Started by twist2172, June 01, 2010, 11:05:50 AM

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Hello everyone, I have just recently started messing around with the GLR mod in one of my cities, I am having trouble however finding where the transit stations are for it.  Is there a separate mac pack for the stations, because I don't seem to have the stations in my game yet.

Thank you for your time,



stations can be downloaded from the LEX and the STEX
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I know, and I have found the Windows version, but I am having trouble with finding the mac version of the mod. 

I am new to this site so I am not sure if this already exists, but is there a way that maybe the LEX can be divided into a windows and mac section?  Or if it is even feasible?  I am not sure how many mac users there are out there on sc4 devotion, but to me, it would make finding the different mods somewhat easier IMO. 

- twist2172


Most buildings will work on Macs too. There is a capacity bug though related to transit lots that pops up. Is that what you're concerned about?


No, this isn't what I am concerned about.  I am trying to find a mac compatible tram station for my GLR system in my city.  All of the stations that I have found in the LEX have only been Windows compatible.  For example, I tried downloading the SFBT Tram Station pack, but it is a .exe file which is only compatible for windows computers.  Are there any tram stations that are mac compatible in the LEX?

I am sorry for the confusion, but thank you all for your help!

- twist2172


I checked the Website of the SFBT Team (http://kurier.simcityplaza.de/) but didn't find any GLR station pack specialy for MAC  &mmm

Try to PM Andreas http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=4 because he is a member of the SFBT Team and I'm sure he can find a solution.  :thumbsup:
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If FileJuicer isn't working properly for you, contact the author/uploader (for the SFBT stations, that would be me) and provide your e-mail address, so we can send your a ZIP file.


There is a programe, filejuicer I think, that will extract Exe's on a mac.  I think thats what most of the Mac users use.


Okay thank you all so much for your help...I am going to try using filejuicer with some of these files, and go from there. 

Thank you very much,

- twist2172