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Official Single Track Rail (STR) Plugin Bug Thread

Started by dedgren, March 04, 2009, 01:20:45 PM

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Quote from: Vegantor on June 02, 2009, 06:59:23 AM
i never remove anything!!
That is what I mean. What have you added to your plugin folder since the last time it worked? It might be that one of those recent files is causing your problem. However, rebuilding your plugins is also an option (though it may take longer). Hope it works for you.



Glad to hear it. What did the problem end up being (if you don't mind sharing)?


Has anyone noticed this since the June 2009 NAM went out...?

While tabbing through the STR menu, I noticed what seems to be something 'missing' after the diagonal s-curve and before the ortho filler piece. It is not there with previous NAM versions, and no pieces seem to be missing compared to the earlier versions. Curious...


My first instinct (since I've had it before) is that there is some duplicated NAM file in your plugins somewhere. Double check that if you haven't already.


It is STR version of this piece.
Quote from: dedgren on June 23, 2009, 05:02:16 PM

There's an STR-DTR FARR crossover counterpart to this, but you'll have to wait (but not for long) for the STR Plugin update to be released.

When I compiled the NAM Controller r27s I moved that piece into the STR button since the piece was added into RailwayAddonMod_STR.dat. I was thinking that the STR will be updated along with the NAM June 2009 release, but it hasn't been updated yet. There will be an update to the NAM June 2009 to fix some minor bugs. STR could be updated then.


Ah.... Thanks for satisfying my curiousity, Ebina. I hadn't made the connection between the menu place and the post about the upcoming STR-DTR piece.


After the NAM update the problem still remains
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Quote from: WC_EEND on July 24, 2009, 02:45:33 PM
After the NAM update the problem still remains

Which problem? The STR-related one? Well, that will only be fixed in an updated STR. ;)


perhaps we need a "real" STR tunnel instead of "hillside STR to subway", because freight trains can't go through the subway.

or is there any fix to default maxis rail tunnel?


Work on STR is going to be picking up again, and if anyone has found bugs then please post them here, the more bugs you post sooner rather than later the quicker we can get to fixing them and the more stable STR becomes, and the quicker you will get new override networks. Once STR is 99.9% perfect, we'll add new networks quite quickly.



It sounds good, I dont found some bugs yet, but Ill have got ideas for new RAM and STR-parts:


May I add some suggestion for furhter STR developement? Hope this his the right thread, btw. What I'm missing desperately is some elevated street/road/avenue/highway-over-STR crossings ... but I'm sure that's on your list already ..
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how about a pizzle piece like "going up to El-HEAVY RAIL with curve" ?
like this:
俺がã,¬ãƒ³ãƒ€ãƒ ã wwwwww


Whenever I use diagonal STR over RHW-2, the STR reverts to double track over and beyond the crossing.

I was told that this was a RAM team issue.

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Quote from: jdenm8 on March 13, 2010, 08:08:09 PM
Whenever I use diagonal STR over RHW-2, the STR reverts to double track over and beyond the crossing.

I was told that this was a RAM team issue.

Kinda both.  It's mainly just that the particular setup you're trying to build hasn't been made yet.



Ah, okay. It's just a minor annoyance I discovered a few days ago when playing one of my old cities again.
Not worth even thinking about until the new RHW is released.

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Thanks for reporting it though :thumbsup:, we want to get STR perfect in that it doesn't revert to double rail anywhere so anything like this helps as it goes on to a list which we can then know exactly what reverts and what doesn't and also what people do with STR.


When I try to place any kind of road or street across a STR the road turns red and it says I can not place on reserved tiles. I have downloaded both dependencies the May 2010 versions before downloading the STR plugin. Anyone know whats going on? Just read the track is bi-directional, could you make a one way version for placement like around a MAPP (modular amusement park pack on simtropolis.com). I think it would look cool like the railroads they use in Disney World and Busch Gardens, but not if the trains collide head on.


Could you post a picture of the problem you are having?

Although the STR is pathed in both directions by using the correct switches (like just normal STR curves off double rail) you can limit the direction the trains travel in. The reason it is pathed in both directions is that in game it would make it harder to use, as a single direction track could only be used in a circular line that meets it self up again. using it like it is now will mean the trains will just pass through it each other, an advantage of virtual worlds ;), there won't be any collision or crash.

We may implement some puzzle pieces that allow you to block the travel direction to only one, but this is on the bottom of any to-do list.