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Tigre de los Esteros (Update#7, football in Tigre)

Started by malbec, October 11, 2008, 02:38:16 PM

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beautiful update and lovely city !! :thumbsup:
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It's clear, I really like this MD .....  &apls
It's a very great new update my friend  :thumbsup:
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Nice new update, your city is really wonderful  :thumbsup:
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Update #7
Football (Futbol) in Tigre

Football has long been the most popular sport in Argentina. Tigre de los Esteros is not the exception. The most important soccer clubs in Tigre are:

Club Atletico Urquiza: Founded in 1899, this club is part of the city's classic along with the TEFC. He is currently in Category Primera B Nacional (second national league). The team fell from the first category last year, his fans (almost half of the city) are very sad, but hopeful of returning. It has two tournaments of Premier League of Argentina that wins in the decade of the'80s. Their stadium is located in the south of the city, his nickname is the "El grandote de Tigre", for his great capacity. Their fans are known as "the tuberculous", by the proximity of the stadium with the old hospital, which specializes in treating the disease.

Tigre de los Esteros Futbol Club: This club was born in 1919. Currently playing in the Argentine first division, it has three tournaments in this category. Their stadium is located in the west of the city. There is a strong rivalry with the CAU, recently fallen, whereby the classic form of the city. They are known as "the greedies", that nickname came by the time it took to build their own stadium (in 1940). The fans of TEFC are excited about the fall of CAU, but also expect the return to play again the classic in the city.

Club Social y Deportivo Misericordia: Founded in 1901. Plays in Primera B Nacional. He was very popular in the 60s, when he played in the Argentine first division of soccer and won four championships in four years and a continental cup. After that we never won anything else and lost several championship finals. After several corrupt administrations during the decade of the '90 the club was declared bankrupt and is now managed by a private company. In 1995 the roof of the new stadium fell (it was empty, there were no victims). It was recently rebuilt with large reinforced beams to prevent a future tragedy. It is believed that there is a curse on this club. The club's nickname could not be said because it brings bad luck.

Atletico Carranza: It started as a neighborhood club in 1980, gradually grew and upgraded thanks to the brilliant work of lower divisions. In 2006 he became the fourt club in the city to reach the highest level of Argentine soccer. The headquarters is located in an area prone to flooding down in the shore of the river, despite which built a new stadium in that area in 1996, and it is known as the puddle, and his supporters as flooded. When they were in first division the team played in the CSDM stadium, because the low capacity of their own, the next year fell again to Primera B Nacional.

El Padova: Founded in 1920 by Italian immigrants. Its headquarters are in San Miguel, which belong to the great Tigre. Currently playing in the Torneo Argentino A. The club also has a very succesful team of basket and are the owners of the marinas of New Canal.

Club Atletico Villa Soto: Founded in 1978. Currently playing in the Torneo Argentino B. Their stadium is located near the new channel, south of the city. The club grew to thank to the founds donated by the family that own SIDERTI S.A. (The mayor company of the region). Despite being in a low category, the club has been marked by hiring expensive players.

Tigre de los Esteros has always been characterized by the quality of their players that eventually triumph in the local clubs, in Buenos Aires, and sometimes in Europe. Most of them start here:

The habitants of Tigre de los Esteros have their preferences:

      Club Atletico Urquiza                        47%
      Tigre de los Esteros Futbol Club         29%
      Club Social y Deportivo Misericordia    6%
      Atletico Carranza                            11%
      El Padova                                      5%
      Club Atletico Villa Soto                     2%

And if I know how I will put a poll, and you could select your favorite team, but I don't know how.


that's a great update  :thumbsup: great work on the "coat of arms" (?) :thumbsup:
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Very good and nice update! &apls A very original idea! ;)
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Nice work there on the stadiums and areas around them of each team!!! :thumbsup:


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