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Mikeseith's Modular Parking Garages

Started by mikeseith, June 18, 2010, 07:59:39 PM

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Woah, this is just... great! The overhanging pieces really make the possibilities almost unlimited! Could we have the same for the 2-level garages, so people could line their elevated roads and rails over the garage?

But really, these are the best parking garages ever!  :thumbsup:
Has it really been almost 2 years?
Must return. :)


Ciuu96 ,
That's an interesting idea.  I may just have to think about working up some of those.


Wow, the overhang is a stroke of genius. Even if you never get those shadow issues worked out, these will still be so useful to those space savers among us.  :thumbsup:


Hey mike, I love your work. Its amazing. But I you have the time could you make the stacked parking lots?
I tried to make one with L.E. on the fly.

Its pretty bad but I know you could make a better one.


Whoa josh6! Pretty bad? More like damn good...especially "on the fly." You clearly have the skills to complete that project yourself, and I for one would love to have it. Its a great detail piece for crowded downtowns and CBDs.


Awesome work josh6  &apls

I'll echo everything Andrew said


I've used the two level lots extensively and love them. Any idea of a release date for the larger sets?


Considering MikeSeith hasn't posted in this thread since September... I'd say not for the forseeable future...

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Aaron Graham

Looks great, I always wonder how the cars get down. :thumbsup:
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Saw the 8 level garage over on STEX, gotta say, bravo on your accomplishment! The modular concept is HUGE, and your design is just awesome. Kind of holding out for the 4 level modular garage ("in the works") for my typically smaller cities. Can't wait to mess around with this 8 level beast, thanks for putting it out there!  :thumbsup:
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I thought this project was dead and then BAM! the 8-level set is on the Lex.  :thumbsup:
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Back in action again! Great to be Eight!


I take it we use the in game street to connect the 8 level garage to other roads?


Quote from: deanva on September 19, 2012, 05:05:46 PM
I take it we use the in game street to connect the 8 level garage to other roads?
Yep, the entrance lot is transit enabled for the street.


Thanks for your answer. Have a suggestion on the entrance to the parking garage, in addition to the two way entrance, make an entrance only and a separate exit only like they use at a majority of airports in the at least the United States.


As stated on ST, I think very highly of this particular creation.  After spending 3-4 hours experimenting with various configurations, I have identified a revision that I believe has the highest benefit/effort ratio - The addition of an opposing outside corner.  Doing so would significantly increase possible permutations and compatible grid layouts.  Did I say that right?  Anyways, thanks for sharing your work.



ABSOLUTELY LOVE your parking lots/garages.  I use your lots/garages A LOT in my cities as it adds to great realism.  I am really hoping and holding out for your FABULOUS work with the 4 level parking garage. 

Again, keep up the AMAZING work and please don't hang up your creativity.



I guess Mikeseith is MIA or no longer doing his WONDERFUL parking garages.


You think? His last post was over three years ago. It's generally frowned upon to reopen zombie threads.