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Bipin's BAT Boutique

Started by Bipin, November 20, 2011, 01:24:35 PM

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Welcome to Bipin's BAT Boutique, the ones stop shop for BATs and other works by Bipin. I'll start it off with a bang by showcasing my initial attempts at modern North American suburban houses. I feel as though this is one of the final areas not yet covered by many, if any BATters. So with that, I present to you:

As an extra, an added bonus, I'll also show you some retaining walls in their early stages of development. These walls are designed to fit with a specific RHW layout:

This section will fit around FARRHW such as in this picture:

Hope you enjoyed this little preview of what will come. One last thing, comments and critiques are always welcome!  :thumbsup:


The suburban house looks nice so far. As well as the retaining walls.
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Good to a new batter around.

Not sure what the second picture are showing.

Looking forward to follow the progress.


Remember those retaining walls? Well, here's the result of weeks of hard work:

All thats left now is to finish the underbridge sections, which I could use help on regarding the style. I'm considering either box girder (http://media.treehugger.com/assets/images/2011/10/mona-miri-under-the-overpass-photo.jpg) or exposed steel spans (http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/searmstrong/searmstrong0902/searmstrong090200067/4383776-blue-bridge-overpass-on-highway-interstate-usa.jpg)



Great work.  &apls Though my first thought was that they are way too bright and clean. On the other hand, that way they do look like recently built and will suit a new freeway very well.
Anyway, it would be cool to have a second, more weathered looking version, though.  :P

Oh, and I would prefer the exposed steel span bridge. Mainly because the blue color would look great with the walls.  ()stsfd()

Looking forward to the release!
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Thanks, you'll be happy to know I chose the blue span, and the only reason I did "new" concrete walls is because they will look best with RHW, as it does not appear weathered. I will be revisiting an older sunken network project which was not displayed here soon as well.


It's been nearly a year since I've posted here, but that doesn't mean I've stopped BATing. Rather, I've focused on posting my updates elsewhere. Without further adieu, I present to you:

This BAT is designed to fit around the MIS Flex-Fly curve, and will be accompanied by other complimentary BATs that "envelop" other RHW pieces. The beam and wires will mimic overhead supports for the FlexFly curve that fits inside this BAT. I am also considering adding sound barriers, much like these:

I'm open to suggestions as always. I'd like to hear what your ideas are regarding how to implement the FlexFly curve into this BAT more cohesively.


It's been a very long while since I had updated my BAT thread here, but I suppose it's better late than never, right? In this update I'll be focusing on some low density residential houses, which are amongst my favourite types of buildings.

Daylight render from the south perspective, in SD:

Same environment settings and perspective, except HD, zoom five:

Same scene, but zoom six:

Once again, the same SD scene, except at night:

Now in HD, at zoom five:

Same HD scene, but zoom 6:

Now during daylight, in SD, and from the west perspective:

Also from the same perspective and zoom, but in HD:

Same HD scene, but at zoom six:

Now back to SD and at night:

Same zoom and same perspective, but in HD:

Finally, the same scene in HD, but at zoom six:

I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive group of pictures displaying my latest model. I've done a lot of the work, having modeled the whole thing, so now it's time for you to do some work! :P Let me know whether you'd prefer to see this exported as HD or SD, or at least, if I should focus on HD or simply SD details. Personally, I'd rather HD, but that's largely your decision, so let me hear what you've got to say!


Very Nice work here, Bipin :thumbsup:

I love the textures you put on the house, definitely sububan ::) Though, i'd like to see some more weathered parts on the roof. ;)

Looking forward to see what the lot looks like. :D
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Excellent!! I love this fabulous house!  &apls  &apls
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Aaron Graham

Lovely house but the brick are so over size. :)
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The models are awesome, but I honestly don't like that type of building. For me they look like a giant garage with a few extra rooms added... It would definitely look better with a smaller garage in the backyard and a nice frontporch...


Aaron, it's not so much brick as it is stone. There are quite a few new houses around here which use these large stone/brick hybrids. Also, for lighter colours I have to keep it this way otherwise the walls just look plain and flat However, when I do a brick version where there is more contrast between grout and brick I  can scale it down.  ;)

Flatron, this isn't my favourite building style either, but Sim City has lacked proper suburban houses for over a decade; someone needs to do them. Besides, there will be more living space, don't worry. I'll be adding a second floor to this.


Ha, I had thought the same thing about the brick scale but then thought to myself "I'll just consider it stone, it also looks like that and the scale would be correct"  :D  Guess I was actually right.

Indeed, they're not the most beautiful type of buildings. I grew up in a town with tons of McMansions and 3+ car garages and would try to design a future house for myself maintaining the garage capacity (I need a boat you see, and a large garage is incredibly convenient and useful) but that had nice aesthetics from the front. It was really hard. These types of suburban houses would be very nice to have though, especially if whole HD neighborhoods of them could be built. Do you have plans to do more in this style? What about color variations? Are you planning a brick version like you mentioned?


I am planning a brick version. By the way, here's more work on the current iteration:

The question is, what types of windows/gables should I place in this attic area? I'm wondering if I should go with either smoothly curved gables or typical triangular ones like in the rest of the house.

I'm also needing opinions on cedar shakes or vinyl siding for the exposed wall area, and if any windows should go there. Hope you all can help me out with this one!


Yes, the huge garage does look strange to my european eye. But since I build mostly amerian style, this house will be very useful to me. Great work.
My name is Raphael.
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Thanks for the Comment RickD! I've decided, based on feedback from a number of sites, that I'll use triangular gables for attic windows. Also, just a heads up, my next project after these houses will be a T21 mod making elevated RHW look like this minus the water:

I feel as though before I release all my interchange models (shown on Simtropolis) en masse, this will make all other overpasses and whatnot be of a more cohesive design that the aforementioned interchange models will better blend with. The only problem is, I'll need a partner in crime to get me started with or said in modding something this daunting; it'd essentially be an extension of Blue Lightning's ERHW mod.


I think you'll find some NAM folks willing to help with this. Depending on what exactly you want, that includes myself.

Love the house. Too bad I already have one, or I'd ask for a price ;D



Thanks for the kind words! I'll be sure to contact Maarten regarding the T21 issue, although he already knows a bit about what I've got in store for him and anyone else who can T21 mod.  :D


Sorry for the double post, but I just couldn't wait any longer to post a few images. :P In regards to basement windows, which seem to be a hot topic within a number of my BAT threads around the interwebs, I'll be adding windows to the sides of the building at the first-floor level. This building will be slope compatible, so basement windows will be seen below-ground a fair bit. As for other details, here's what I've done today:

The above image is SD, zoom five. The following is also zoom five, but HD:

Another HD show, now at zoom six:

Here's the same scene from western perspective:

Finally, I'll leave you with a night shot:

Then again, why not throw in a little teaser?

Enjoy! Remember, I'm still looking for opinions regarding HD vs SD for the house, especially now that I've altered several details quite significantly. Furthermore, since this seems like the place to be for modding related help; especially in regards tot he NAM, I could use some help with starting a T21 mod for ERHW-4 L2.