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Chris's Boat Yard and Atelier

Started by C.Scott, September 04, 2015, 12:47:53 PM

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 mgb204: Thanks for the PM. I use GMAX_BAT with HD scripts and I have a Texture Folder Broken-down sub-folders. I'll PM you with more details later perhaps a month or so.

Simcoug: thanks for your feedback.

vester: I don't use Photoshop (cost), but might try Gimp and thanks for the info. .

c.p.: Thanks

Here are a few more Ships and boats.



.... and one thing more, the colors is a bit to saturated.

Try to get some RL pictures of ships ect. and sample the colors. See what the saturation. They are never as high as you might expect.


I've been working on more Sketchup finds centering around the 1900s.

A vintage Texaco gas station.

Some commercial buildings with vintage cars and trucks.

A blacksmith shop.

A saw mill.
Not all of bats and lots are the final ones.


I think I'm going to copy some of your models for my automatas...  :D But I have to say that most of them look a bit out of scale. The distance between axles of Ford Model T is normally 2,57m, and I can see on the images that your cars are much bigger.  :thumbsup:


Nice to see you found some more old models  :thumbsup:
I think the textures stand out a bit too much - here is a useful post by Jasoncw detailing how he get's his textures to blend well with the game palate.
You may also want to add a slight gradient and/or 'noise' to the textures to avoid the 'flat' look. 
I'm very excited by these though! 


romualdillo: I would be wiling to give you any model file you like including the gmax model. Remember I'm not the the original creators of these  models so credit should be given to them. What I did do was remodeled them to make them fully 3d for gmax and textured them.  All most all of the models came form the Sketchup Warehouse site. As far the scale go's it's based on krashspeed Historic Harbor set (figures, merchant wagons and boats). I'm trying to round out the set with buildings, transport and other props suitable for the 1900's. I would love to be able to use your street light and street mod for my region.You might think about releasing them.
Simcoug: I read the post and found it quite useful. I'll do some research on editing textures and if CP would be willing to share his texture palette I would love to use it and it certainly would make the look more unified in SC4.
If you would make a prop family and MMP's for my transport props when I complete a few more I would be grateful. I plan  on more steam tractors, train engines, rolling stock, fire trucks, plows, buildings and watercraft.

Well here is some some more pics on things I've been working on.
Here is two storefronts.

Here are some pics of the different transports I've  been working on in the center of the first pic is one of krashspeed wagons inside the Red rectangle to give you some sense of scale. Not all sizes and textures are final in some of the models.

I've been doing some relotting of CP  19c buildings to give them more of the 1900's appearance.

here is another relot of a fire house by JBSimio showing yet another fire engine.



Thanks for the offer!! But I think it's enough with the last pictures you posted. Automatas are modelled in a different way to reduce poly-count as much as possible. How is it going with the boats? I could help you with the textures if you're interested.


Wow, that's an impressive collection of car models you've got going. :o

Are you using gmax or 3dsmax?

Also, the relotting looks good :thumbsup:


Oh yeah, I totally missed that last update.  The vehicles look good, and I'll be happy to help in any way I can. 
You even found a hot air balloon :thumbsup:


yeah ditto missing the car update! Fantastic!  &apls

Wondering though if there any horse drawn transportation models available as well? It'd be really great to have more of those, too.

Keep up the good work!  :thumbsup:
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Sketchup 3d Warehouse does offer interesting options. Was it that the lisence is free for non commercial use?

However, I think your car models are too big. Compare Krashspeed's wagon to a dark wagon (a hearse?) slightly above it. I think these two wagons should be about same size. A hearse could be slightly bigger, but after all Krashspeed's wagon is two horse heavy duty cargo wagon, so it is rather large wagon type too.

Probably do not make a good automata as polygon count is high, but I would like to see some of those historic ships as working automatas.  :)


Again, I would still say the colors of your models are waaay to saturated.
Try to compare the colors to the ones in the game. They just stand out (and not in the right way)

Open your textures in Gimp or Photoshop and desaturate to about 60-70 %.

That will add the dot over the i.


romualdillo: I would like that thank you. Would it be possible for you to create a sketchup materials chart with noise to eliminate the flatness of sketchup materials and in a jpeg format for me to work with in gmax?

c.p.: Thanks c.p. I"m going to be re-modelling many more Sketchup Warehouse finds. and I have re-lotted
more of your industrial lots for the 1900's.
I'm just using gmax, but really most if not all of the re-modelling is done in Sketchup.

Simcoug: Thanks,

vortext: Thanks. Yes I'm on the hunt for more Horse drawn wagons and if you notice there is a hearse and barrel wagon and a 1882 Ramsey "Squirrel Tail" pumper. Not included in the pics is a peddler wagon which I made into a ice delivery wagon. I also have a Shand Mason steam powered fire engine waiting to be textured and scaled.

bombardiere: Yes I agree and I did write a caveat that these models are not all final and the hearse does needs to be scaled down. Well the sheer volume of models and the lisence was free is main factors, but I don't like reinventing the wheel when there are so many sketchup models that would be perfect for the 1900's.

vortext: I've Just downloaded gimp and will be working on learning a new skill set.


These are some fantastic models Chris &apls

However, I concur with vester in that the saturation of the textures is too high. You can easily reduce it using GIMP (in the menu Colors -> Hue-Saturation).

To weather the boat textures, you can add a cloud layer. Add a new layer, then go to filters -> render -> clouds -> plasma. Set the turbulence to 4 or something. Then go to Colors -> Desaturate to make it black & white. Then in the Layer menu (Ctrl + L) set the layer mode to Darken Only and play around with the Opacity to make the effect subtle enough.



Exciting projects here  :thumbsup:  I love the variety of different creations and all the historic stuff. I'd echo some of the concerns about scale and saturation/texture palette but those are certainly obstacles that can be overcome :)