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Crushedcar's Random BAT's

Started by crushedcar, January 06, 2009, 06:28:18 AM

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Welcome to page 3!

Here's another update on Atlas Media Stadium. Currently has seating for 4166. Still need to work add the area in right field, work on the dugouts, work on the restaurant, add a scoreboard...... Maybe I should stop reminding myself of how far I have yet to go.


Okay, if you can't spot the progress in this picture, what are you looking at? Current Stadium Capacity 11019. Next steps are some outfield blechers and resizing/fixing the walls. Anyway here it is.

Comments, suggestions, crticisms, questions...?


Will there be a giant screen TV in Centerfield that is all the rage now in Major League stadiums?


scottott999--The name is Atlas Media Field. I don't think it would be complete with out a Jumbotron.

I have made progress on the stadium, however, I do not believe that it warrants display just yet. Instead, tonight I have another Naval BAT. This is based off the Zumwalt class destroyer planned and currently under construction by the US Navy. So far only the major parts of the ship are complete. I'll probably rework the hull to correct the distortion at the front of the ship. With that said here is the NDS-DD2 (my version needs a better name. Any suggestions?)

Click this text for full resolution.

As always comment, suggestions, and criticisms are welcomed.


It's been a while since I posted anything on Atlas Media Stadium. This because I am trying to finish off the lower deck before moving on to the upper one. As such things such as textures and scaling issues have been addressed. There is still considerable work to be done before the lower deck is finished, but it's getting there. Here it is.

Seating Capacity: 14091
Photo is Zoom 5 1:2

As always, comment, criticisms, and suggestions are welcome.


A little quickie. This is the F/A 8 Vampire. While not real this plane is based on a drawing I found of the F117 N. Also, the folowing pictures are still from gmax. The first one uses Simfox's method to change the render background, while the second one is me messing around with the Thumbnail Camera.

Zoom 5 1:1

Promo Shot-Just because I can.

As always any comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcomed.


It's been a while, but I finally found a project that got me back into BATting. This building was created to add another dormitory to the University of Clayhurst, or rather I needed another dormitory for the university I'm building in game. This building is a loose recreation of Blazer Hall at UAB. I have all the geometry done. Texturing this thing is the next step. I'd like to make the wall color similar to the other Clayhurst buildings for visual consistency.


We always need more generic, boring modern buildings. ;) It looks nice!
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So far, so good,
I'll definitely be awaiting this !




Thanks for the kind words.

I've worked up some textures for right now. I'm having some trouble though. The textures I'm using are all showing up a little too bright compared to how they appear in the model view. This is especially noticeable on the white border and study room roof. Here's what that looks like in the model editor.

And here it is in the render.

I'd like the texture to show up more accurately in the render and was wondering if someone familiar with the necessary adjustments could help me out here. I'm by no means an expert in photo manipulation, so I'm not sure what to do about this.


Generally speaking, gmax does a bad job with textures. To compensate for this, you generally have to make your textures a fair bit darker than you actually want them to appear as for them to appear correctly in renders. Gmax is especially bad with light greys (and of course whites) - they'll appear as just washed out white as the study room roof did in the render. That's just true for all textures though, so if you want your roof textures, wall textures, and windows to appear as they do in the perspective view, just use whatever photeditor you have to darken them a bit. Play around with the values until you're happy with each texture in the gmax render.


The model is looking good so far :thumbsup:

The BAT lighting rig especially washes out the textures of anything facing up, so as MushyMushy said, you have to darken those textures quite a lot to get them to look right in-game.


Thanks for the help. The techniques are coming back to me now.

I was able to correct the texture enough to avoid the whitewashing. I'm working on the night windows at the moment. I'll probably make a few tweaks to the rooftop texture and probably remodel the "crown molding." I don't know what to for roof junk. The real building I'm basing this off of does not appear to have any, so I could go that way. However, I think I may add a few vents and such. Anyway here's a progress shot.

I've also started modeling on another large dorm. This one is based of Slater Hall at the University of Iowa. This is not intended to be a recreation, but a similar style dorm.


I think this is coming along very nicely! :thumbsup: As for roof junk I don't know how closely you want to keep to the original, but otherwise a few solar panels might be one idea.
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I did a test render today. I wanted to get an idea of what the building would look like in game, so ignore the lack of detail on the lot. I put this in with some Clayhurst stuff as thats what I want it to blend in with. Here's a day and night comparison.

The good news is this only a half hour render so if something needs to be tweaked it should be relatively easy.


That's coming along very nicely indeed :).

I can see this looking good as a school, apartments or quite a few uses actually. I'm sure this will come in handy.


Oh, that does look pretty darn nice!
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It's looking very good!

It's very handy to see your building next to the others: I recommend increasing the size of the brick texture (you've found a pretty good match in terms of colour) as at the moment it appears to be a single flat colour. Are you tiling the bitmap in Gmax or are you tiling the bitmap in a photo-editing program?
I would recommend the latter: you can apply a subtle gradient and other dodge/burn effects. If you look closely at the Clayhurst building you can see slight areas of darker and lighter areas on the bricks - in addition to adding a bit of extra realism, it helps to break up the monotony of large walls.

Another trick JB used to use was with windows: he would set the opacity between 20-30% and use a really loud and bright advertising poster image as the floor. This would then make the windows appear slightly different shades (gmax tends to handle transparent materials rather poorly) as opposed to the typical flat blue-grey.
He would use spotlights to light these up at night, but it's up to you how similar you want to make your buildings to his...although I do spy the same light treatment by one of the exit doors, which is really nice.  :thumbsup:

With a flat-roof that has little or no roof junk, making a believable texture is crucial to avoiding the less than flattering comments that invariably get made once the Bat is uploaded.
You know how much you have tiled your roof texture by in Gmax, so replicate that in a photo-editing program so that you can apply the UVW map as 1x1. Then, in Gmax, on the top view port, right-click the 'top' button and select the 'smooth+highlights' option. You can then take a screenshot of your rooftop edges and use that to add water stains, grime, etc.

If you can easily scale up that glass entrance area, I would do so, as it looks squashed at the moment. If it is not easy to scale (and/or would require too much re-modelling) then you can just reduce the overhang of the concrete eaves which will show the top-most window pane (which at the moment is hidden by the isometric view) and that will give you roughly the same effect.

All in all, this is a great project that you've undertaken and it's great to see it coming along &apls


love the looks in how it does blend well for the clayhurst project for sure!!! Could be dorms for sure I think or even tech hall

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