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JP Schriefer's BATs

Started by JP Schriefer, August 10, 2015, 07:04:46 PM

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JP Schriefer

Hello, guys :)
I'll start a thread here to show the works I'm doing. I have a thread on ST as well, but from now on I'll be posting and releasing BATs here and there. I've a lot of projects, but some of them I don't work for a while, so I'll show here only when I update them :)

BATs on LEX:
Porthos Building
Museu da Inconfidencia
Magnolia Building

BATs on STEx:
Central Bank of Brazil
32 Old Slip (One Financial Square
John Wesley United Church
Little Whinging Style House

Last days I'm working on Magnolia Hotel, from Dallas. Last render image I did to it was to see how the amazing sculpture Reddonquixote did was looking in the building (the one with a dark grey). I tried to let the images on spoil but I didn't get it.  %confuso


Well, welcome to your BAT thread here at SC4D!
This is a wonderful model you've made there. Are you going to model the arch too?
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Welcome!  :)

This hotel is a beauty, and the model seems to become the same. And while I was looking for your content on ST I realized, that I am currently using your nice red church in two of my villages.  :thumbsup:


Very nice, I'm amazed how far you have progressed your modelling skills. I can't wait to see this textured.

The Pegasus is very cool, its going to look amazing when it's lit up at night  :thumbsup:
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Lots of nice detail work in this model so far :thumbsup:


Welcome on devotion.

Nice BATs with really good modeling skills.

Hope to see amazing textures to complete these projects  ;)
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This Hotel Tower is a Beauty. &apls
The detailed Rooftop with the Pegasus Sig on Top is spectacular,keep up the good work,can`t wait to see it textured :D :satisfied:


That's a very nice model. Can't wait to see some textures on it :)
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pleasant surprise... promising tease-n-progress...   :thumbsup:

I will be watching...  :popcorn:



It looks amazing, I love the details :) (I wold like to see how the older version of the Pegasus would look :) )

And compliments to Reddonquixote for making beautiful sculpture :)

JP Schriefer

art128: thank you. Yes, actually it's already done :)

carlfatal: thanks, nice to know you like it, I'm thinking about improve it soon :)

reddonquixote: thanks, reddon! I could improve thanks to you since last year :D

c.p.: yeea, I'm just afraid to mess it with wrong textures, I've to be calm  &Thk/(

Girafe: thanks, Girafe! I won an SC4 image competition on ST using your trees  :bnn:

deora: thank you, deora! :)

CasperVg: I hope to have a good result with it D:

Jack_wilds: thank you :)

seraf: Seraf everywhere! Thank you :) The old version you mean the lights or Pegasus itself?

I did my first upload to the LEX, Porthos is a residential building located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
It's a bit wider because I wanted to do it exactly 2x2, but the height is the same. It's almost the same thing in width.

Btw, is just here that images are not automatically resized? Because my first post is too big '-'
If it's like this to anybody, is there a way to create a spoiler? Then I post images inside it to be best viewed. Thanks :)


I believe at the moment spoiler tags are unsupported, and there is no "automatic" image resizing.

You will need to add an image size tag to each image you post. recommended width is 800 px max. A click on each image will expand it to full size.

Coded like so:[img width=800] Image URL [/img]
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Congrats for your first release here!! The Magnolia looks fantastic as it is, I can't imagine how it will look with textures!!  :thumbsup:


I have to second romualdillo: Congrats.

First time I saw the bat I got to think about the blod I just read on Autodesk area:
Max Creation Graph Geometry Stacker

Could be worth looking into.

JP Schriefer

APSMS: thank you! Now it looks better ;)

romualdillo: thank you :)

vester: thanks! I'll take a look at it :)

I'm texturing Magnolia Hotel yet and trying to apply good textures on it, I even 'finished' texturing it once but I thought it was not looking good and start it again :P
Meanwhile I'm working in an old project, it's Museu da InconfidĂȘncia, from the city of Ouro Preto, MG, Brazil. Still have to model a few things.
Click on the pictures to see them in full size :)

And this other one I stopped in the begining of the year due to not having good pics of one of the sides of it. Now I just found a video showing it. Here's a very poor preview from the building I did in january.

Do you know which building is this one? ^
You probably already saw it. Some TV channels doing documentaries have been there too, just like a lot of curious people. :P


strong modeling skills, wait for excellent textures  ;)
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Pripyat swimming pool! Excellent! I get it you're doing a "normal" version and not an abandoned one? This is much welcomed. I remember SimHoTToDDy did a version of it for his Pripyat recreation but unfortunately never released it and since went away because of RL. I'm really really really looking forward to it!
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JP Schriefer

Thank you, girafe :)

Nice you said that, Art. After read this I went to his thread and realized he was going to do it also as you indeed. If you still have plans to it please tell me, I'll send a PM to SimHoTToDDy to see if he will come back :)


None from me, really.. I abandoned the project real soon. As for Todd, you might want to send him an E-mail instead (there's his email on his ST profile) I believe he'll read it, maybe.
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Great work!!! The museum building looks fantastic, and the swimming pool building will fit all the other massive modern buildings you're doing. I'm tempted to do some kind of modernity Utopia (or modernity Hell, who knows), with all the buildings you are planning!! (Something very 1960's)