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JP Schriefer's BATs

Started by JP Schriefer, August 10, 2015, 07:04:46 PM

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JP Schriefer

Girafe: thank you :)

art128: I contacted Toddy, he said no problem about that, so I continued it :p

romualdillo: thank you! I'm glad you're liking it :)

The building is Pripyat Pool as art128 said. I don't know the official name of the building, I've to search about it. I want to make it because I liked very much all those big glass facades showing the pool and a basketball court, stairs etc. I want to make a regular version and after that think about an abondoned one as well.


excellent modeling.. The details are really there. :)

Nice to know about Todd. Did he say anything else like possibly return one day? ;)
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manga rivotra



Its looking really beautiful JP. Great modelling work, hope you have a way to model the roof, I don't think Google Earth is going to be much help  :P

The textures will be fun to do, hope you do get to do an abandoned version.

Its such a cool building, it reminds me of the video game 'Stalker'. Love that game  ;D

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Wonderful model of a very nice building!  :thumbsup:

But I hope you will give us a working version, although I like abandoned structures...  :D

doesn´t really wonder, cause Stalker is playing in this region. And a lot of real existing buildings can be found in that game (not only the big wheel...)

JP Schriefer

art128: thank you :)
I think he won't come back :(, here his reply:

Hello, thank you for thinking of an old curmudgeon like me!
It was on the to-do list for a while, but I have retired from the BAT game at this point. If you would like to do it, I would be happy to see the result!

manga rivotra: thank you :)

romualdillo: thank you :)

reddonquixote: thank you, actually there are a few good pics showing the roof, so that's fine :P . While I was searching for images a lot of things related to this game appeared indeed.

carlfatal: thank you, it will probably be a landmark in two versions, non-abandoned and abandoned :)

No updates now D:
Got it! Nevermind :p , sorry about the useless post.
What's wirtten there is Плавательный Бассейн Лазурный and it means Azure (blue) Swimming Pool :P . Probably this will be the name of the building.
Just came here to ask for help. I need to do the signs above the building, but I don't even know if that's written in Ukrainian or Russian. I tried to look for their languages characters and copy it but some of them I didn't find in alphabets, like that 'A without the middle line'.
I'll let some images here, so please, if you understand what's written there, can you help me? s2


I'm not a fan of commie architecture (that is not modernist) but i'll download this bat when done cause we lack realisctic pools :D so great work   &apls

JP Schriefer

Unconstantean: thank you :)

I was tired of modeling and decided to texture something, since there's not so many things left to model in Museu da Inconfidência I started to test some textures on it. Textures shown here are not final of course, but I did like that one, which is actually a stone wall, it looks good in small areas, but in the biggest, like the base, it looks very repetitive and I don't know if will be possible to do something realistic there without repetiton :(. The roof and other textures will be changed soon.

HD preview to see it full size:



Oh, this is a beauty! I can think of a lot of purposes for such a building, not only as a museum. In some small European old town I think, I would use it as office and home for a catholic bishop, right next to the cathedral. Also I would think, it would give a nice town hall.

To the texturing: looking at the big picture indeed there is some repetition, it reminds me a bit to problems with textures in Sims games (where I like to use these kind of stones for buildings, that should look representing). But I am sure, that this will become unremarkable ingame. Still if you zoom in, it will have less detail quality like the HD picture. (And to be honest: I know some modern structures using these yellow sandstone figure, and it looks repetitive in original).
Maybe it would help a little bit, if you can make it a little bit dirty in the base area.


Wow.. you've picked a tricky one.

I think the bricks are a good match, but you're right, they are repeating a bit too obviously. What image program are you using? Depending on what options are available to you, I'd suggest make a larger canvas and paste your existing image in random overlapping positions, making sure the bricks still line up. Then you could try using an light-opacity eraser to take out different sections on each layer. This will break up the repetition over a larger area. PM me if you're not sure what I mean.

You will also need to try and desaturate a bit, its looking a bit on the green/yellow side, you want it to be a bit more grey/brown. Then I think I'd lower the contrast a bit as well. Have you used a bump map? Once you have the repetition sorted out, invert the image, desaturate to grey scale and increase the contrast really, really high. This should help give the brickwork some of that rough/ aged look.

The large cornice around the top, including the portico, should be a different texture, it should be more of a slate material, same with the little balcony overhang above the entrance. That contrast will give it a nice pop too.

The cross-bar frames on the first floor windows should be thinner than the outer frames, yours are the same width as the outer frames and is making them look really chunky, making the overall aesthetic not right.

I think the green sections of the windows are a bit dark and saturated as well, they should be a lighter teal colour. Yours are almost emerald.

You already said the roof is going to be changed so looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Personally I'd like to see the roof tiles modelled - its not as much work as you might first imagine.

Sorry, that's a bit of criticism there, but you've come such a long way with your modelling its time to really work on the textures now  ;)
Pay heed to the tales of old wives. It may well be that they alone keep in memory what it was once needful for the wise to know.


Well, I guess reddonquixote already wrote everything I could write to help you :) So just follow his tips and you should get great results :)


Your works are masterpieces! Very impressive and an enrichment for Simcity.


Love the Pripyat pool! The SHT Pripyat blocks were among my first favorite sets of buildings with their stunning lights and textures and they remain of top-level quality all these years later. I won't have as good an eye for textures as some of the talented batters here but they appear excellent to me--I'm sure after addressing some of their expert advice these will be absolute top-notch  :thumbsup:  Really enjoying your work here  &apls

JP Schriefer

carlfatal: thank you! I will make the dirty base, that's a good idea to make it more realistic :)

reddonquixote: I use photoshop to edit the images, but I'm not so good :p . I was using bump map in this model, but not so strong, I did it the same way you told me here. I'll follow the tips for the other parts as well. This kind of criticism is always welcome, you can be sure, thank you again for making very nice little tutorials :) Jasoncw also gave me some tips to make the right saturate settings using real images, that's cool because I can mix the tips from two awesome batters   :bnn:

seraf: Yeah  ;D

Dantes: thank you very much :)

noahclem: thank you very much! Pripyat Pool is now with a lot of new details :p

I don't know if everybody here knows, but there's a project on ST to Rio 2016 Olympics. I'm doing Maracanã to the project and here's an update at the Maracana, with the monumental ramps, some internal details, the glass tower with its stairs and Maracanãzinho stadium right next door. This model was shown a while ago only to project participants but I redid it with better quality now. The model is slightly more advanced than this, and my prediction is launching the stadium in my summer holidays (December/January).
Click on the images to full-size it.

Well, long time no updates to Mineirão, doing Maracanã I learned a lot of things and I just found a good way to make the facades from Mineirão (pls don't care about the poor seats texture, I'm just doing tests). The bleachers from the stadium are very complex as well, I think we can have a beautiful final result with it.

Ps.: I'm having good results with Magnolia Building textures, I hope to have something soon :)


Wow, impressive work!  :thumbsup: I've been looking for a new stadium lately, this'll fit the bill nicely.


Looks awesome.

Why the images are so long to pop up?
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Quote from: Girafe on October 03, 2015, 12:21:32 PM
Why the images are so long to pop up?

Because they're excessively big PNG pictures. :)

Nice work on the modeling of the stadiums. Though I can't help but think that maracana's seats are just so flat... :D
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That's HD +. The impressive stadium I've ever seen for Simcity.


These are looking fantastic JP, well done. Lots of really nice detail, and the textured seats worked out really well.

That reminds me too, I need to dust Engenhão off, I haven't touched it for months...
Pay heed to the tales of old wives. It may well be that they alone keep in memory what it was once needful for the wise to know.