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JP Schriefer's BATs

Started by JP Schriefer, August 10, 2015, 07:04:46 PM

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I have to agree with @carlfatal , an outstanding work as always.I really enjoy your Work and this will be no Exeption.
Keep em coming. &apls

JP Schriefer

Thank you very much, folks! I'll take the gradient tip in consideration :)

Almost 2 months with no activity here, but I'm having my last exam tomorrow an i'll be back.

So, for me to warm up, I did some previews from a building I was doing for a while. I don't know if you hate when I ask that, but................can you guess the building? I think it's a bit hard although it's flashy design. There are just a few ornaments to add and I also intend to release a HD version as well.



I don't recognize this building, but it's amazing! Good luck for the last exam!
I can't wait to see this building in game! :)

- Tyberius
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amazing building as usual, good luck at the exam


What a beautiful building. I love seeing your model progress. So much cleaner and tidier than when I model things  :P Good luck with the exam  :thumbsup:


Indeed a beauty - has anyone solved which building it is.. I'm keen to know  ()what()
Pay heed to the tales of old wives. It may well be that they alone keep in memory what it was once needful for the wise to know.


Mentioning there will be exams and then ... silence. If you were me I'd think, you failed. No, sorry, if you are me, it's me who failed. No? Oh, I don't know ... maybe we didn't fail but instead we were hired immediatly by some king in a far away land and ...

... just dropping a note that you're fine could prevent me from having further abstruse thoughts. 


Stunning work! Blown away by the detail on the HD ones--can't wait to see it with some textures :)

JP Schriefer

Hi, folks! Long time with no updates here. Some days ago a member (ESP15) asked me about some projects. I said I wasn't having so much time to my works, but I'd bring other previews from the last building I posted here with 2 other buildings from the same block Ididn't show before. Let's see if someone will be able to guess it this time :D

Tyberius06: thank you very much!

Unconstantean: thank you!

mattb325: thank you!

reddonquixote: people on ST were able to guess it's from NYC and that's it :D

fantozzi: actually I failed indeed, but I'm ok about that :p

noahclem: thank you very much! I hope I can work on it soon as well =/

Some previews from the mysterious buildings and a render from ground level:



stunning  :thumbsup:

(sorry to hear about your exam)


Lindo trabalho  ;)


Stunning.. your magnum opus (so far)
Pay heed to the tales of old wives. It may well be that they alone keep in memory what it was once needful for the wise to know.


Amazing work as always!

I'm still trying to think of what building it is in NYC.... is a demolished building? It looks like a building I walked by on my way to work in the Flatiron District along Fifth Avenue near 23rd Street.

JP Schriefer

mattb325: thank you!

feyss: obrigado! :)

reddonquixote: thank you! Now I can say it, we're doing the same thing but in different times! :)

Ehanson: thank you! your comment made me realize I forgot to come here to say Odainsaker figured it out on Simtropolis, so here we go:

These buildings were demolished in the late sixties to make way for Zuccotti Park. In order for the 1 Liberty Plaza to be built (on the block where the Singer Building and the City Investing Building were located), a green area must also be created so as not to violate the zoning law. Then the builder of Liberty Plaza also bought all the buildings of the two adjacent blocks to make the park - it is worth remembering that before the construction of the park that block was divided in two by Temple Street, which no longer exists.

The buildings from left to right are: North American Trust Company Building, Liberty National Bank and finally the Washington Life Building. An interesting curiosity is that there was an owner on the ground floor of the North American Trust Co. Building who refused to leave the place with his restaurant, so everything was demolished on the block but the first floor of the building. That episode delayed for years the complete construction of the park.


Just  noticed this thread.  Great work, Great detail.  Awesome job!
Lighten up, just enjoy life,
smile more, laugh more,
and don't get so worked up
about things.


How on earth did I miss this?  ???

Wonderful work, all the details look perfect and I must say I'm very happy that there is someone as talented as you making buildings from my favorite period  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Please, show us more  ;D

JP Schriefer

Thank you very much, Papa-J and seraf :-)

Since I started to do BATs, 2018 is definitely my least active year, but I'm still around. I sent a message to Ocean Quigley to see if I can get any reference to that painting on the back of the Triangle Terrace to continue the texturing work on it. Today I took the opportunity to show another building - in fact 3 - that was in the refrigerator. I textured it quickly to get a better look, so don't worry about textures, they will still be improved. I'm still with a big lack of time, my hope is the end of the year.

I hope you like it :)

45 Broadway Atrium



Glad to know that you are still kicking the can down SC4 lane  :thumbsup:



It looks so beautiful! At first I thought you haven't finished one side yet, but then I realized that's a 30+ storey w2w building ???. Since I haven't been in NY yet, it's the first time I realize that this is actually a thing!

JP Schriefer

Simmer2: thank you :)

Seaman: thank you! Yeah it's kinda weird thinking about how such a big building is a W2W..well..New York things...

Now my classes are over and I still want to double the number of BATs released this year (eer..I mean from 1 to 2). So the one I'll try to release still this year is the Wellington Hotel: