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JP Schriefer's BATs

Started by JP Schriefer, August 10, 2015, 07:04:46 PM

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Nice to see that you are still modeling  :)

Good luck for your release, still 2 weeks to go  :P
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JP Schriefer


Very nice indeed.  Good work you've done here.
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JP Schriefer

PaPa-J: thank you very much!  :)

I'm not so sure if I'll make it, but I'll try to release 477 Madison Avenue still this year. The modeling part is done and I'm starting to texture it today. I know this building is not versatile, I mean that it doesn't fit with many cities, but since there are just a few of them available to SC4 I intend to bring more in the future.

JP Schriefer

After some problems with no lights after exporting twice I thought I'd have to postpone this model, but it worked on the third attempt and here we go. 477 Madison Avenue is now on LEX: https://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3747


A happy new year to you! And thank you for the fireworks of bats.

I'll have an eye on your promise of staying around. But in case you break your promise and do one or two bats again ... well, I won't judge.


JP Schriefer

fantozzi: Well, now I already have 1 BAT released this year  ;D
Happy New Year!

A small one to begin the year, a Bank of Brazil branch is now on the LEX: https://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3748


Great to see these new releases from you. I really like them both, especially the bank of brazil which is awesomely unique  :satisfied:

JP Schriefer

mattb325: Thank you. I'm happy you like it, Matt  :)

So I decided to do some first texture tests on the block of the Washington Life Building. You may notice that the textures are very poor, but I really wanted to see what these buildings would look like with colors, since all of their images are black and white. I sure will need to do a lot of testing until I get the textures that are satisfying and that might have been the real ones.


Lighten up, just enjoy life,
smile more, laugh more,
and don't get so worked up
about things.

JP Schriefer

Thanks Papa-J :)

I'm travelling for almost a month now. I was in the countryside and now I'm on the coast until next week when I'll be back home. But I couldn't be on vacation and do nothing related to BATs, so I have a notebook with me. My initial plans were to work on the Singer, 275 Madison Avenue and try to finish the Washington Life Bldg block. Although I was able to fix some wrong dimensions on 275 Madison Ave, this notebook just can't deal with them because 3ds Max is sooooo slow it's just impossible. I had to work with simple buildings then.

The little monster below is a governmental building in my city´and it's the local HQ for something like the IRS in the United States - you know... that thing that steals your money.

Also I was able to continue the other block from the old New York where today it's Zuccotti Park. It's where Fidelity & Casualty Building used to be and it's in a very advanced stage, but I can't continue it now because it also became too slow to deal with after adding details.
I'll at least try to do some previews, but it will probably be posted in a new thread, because I'm happy to say I'm now part of NYBT team after an @Aaron Graham invite :party:


Yup definitively gov building, blocky and austere enough to convey a sense of authority. There ought to be a sign over the main entrance that says ""Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." As you walk out you feel lighter due to the sudden disappearance of your wallet  :D

Great modelling JP &apls



Looking good! It definitely fits the government styled building  :thumbsup:


Yes! Totally yes!

I would really enjoy if the final lot would do absolutely nothing. No monument effect, no econommic boost, nothing. Just consuming a lot of money and current and water for a few bureaucrat jobs.

And then you name this building "jobcenter" (german employment exchange).

To my taste this would be perfect.


JP Schriefer

Simmer2: thank you!  :D

mattb325: thanks, Matt!

fantozzi: that would be a funny thing to do, especially the Ministry of Silly Walks thing  :D the problem would be people are usually looking for ordinary landmarks and commercial buildings. My intention was to make a reward version but I didn't know how to do it so I just made a commercial office version of it.

So I know the LEX had some problems sometime ago but since yesterday I'm not able to see LEX content, so this one is only going to be on STEx:



Really like that building! Great addition to the game.
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Best building ever!  ()stsfd() Give him +1 Rep!  &apls :thumbsup:
I loves Sim City forever!


Hi Schriefer, I'm glad that you're back  ;D It's a really cool mid-rise that you just uploaded.


Wow, really nice stuff! I like it very much! It fits in many situations!
Thanks for sharing it!

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