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Catenary Props for the RRW

Started by eggman121, January 01, 2016, 10:47:00 PM

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Hello everyone

I have made this project public so you can contribute if you wish.

I have limited time up my sleeve but would like to get this project up and running.

If I did this alone I would be asked (Can I have some props that are suited to my city). I don't have the time to do that so I wish to enlist some avid BATers to make some catenary Props for the DTR and STR networks.

So.... The sets needed to be covered are...

1) Australian (I will make these Props)

2) Japanese (I already have some from uki sim but these don't cover turnouts or track ends).

3) Two or more varieties for Europe if possible.

So I will request that the props are passed onto me so I can T21 them on to the applicable pieces.

Unfortunately these props are governed by the wires since wires are hard to T21 and I am NOT making different sets of wires due to the logistics.

Here is an old Dimensional photo I posted a while ago.

So as you can see the wire holders are at 5.75m and 6.5m respectfully.

If the pole only holds one wire the pole will be centered with the Wire Holder over the center point (that is X=0 Y=0).

If the pole carries more than two or more wires the pole should be centered between the two main orthogonal or Diagonal wires.

To give an overview of the track the RRW has the centers of the Rails at 2.25from the center of the tile for a DTR section (Both orthogonal and Diagonal), and 0m obviously for the STR.

So if you wish to take part I will set up a group on my google drive account and PM you (Maybe even a team group if the site allows) so we can collaborate and get this project running.

Thanks for reading this. I hope some of you can take part.  :)

If this project gets running I will give out all the orientations for the poles as well as the poles that are needed to be made.