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romualdillo's little BATs & Problems

Started by romualdillo, May 21, 2014, 09:53:03 AM

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Have a you tried to start with a new scene and merge in the old model ?

That sometimes do wonder. Not sure how, but it words for range of different problems.

Is it just this model or also some new ?


Thank you guys for your answers! I tried both systems, and things went a bit better... for some time... The program is still unstable, I don't know if it's because of the models or the gmax... After a while it can't find cameras (Z5, Z4, etc.), can't save, can't render... I've set affinity with only one CPU, but still has problems with lights... I think it's not about the poly-count, because it has the same problems with previously rendered models... It's really annoying...  :thumbsdown:...


I am just guessing, but I think the problem is with GMAX program. It look like it has lost camera and/or light rig set up.  ()what()

May be the windows upgrade overwrite something crucial. You should try to install GMAX again.


I installed GMAX again, and it didn't work, but I think I found the problem... Textures... There's something wrong about texture managing. I think I'll have to cut down the number of textures I normally use in my projects to make it work again...


Arrrggh. That is a problem. How many textures are you using to run into that sort of issue?
That said there is something amiss with gmax. The right click menu no longer works on mine, and ceased to work years ago even on a blank scene (it reveals the menu for about a millisecond, then disappears making it all but unusable). I hope that works - I used to have scenes with up to 50 textures work OK


Quote from: mattb325 on June 28, 2017, 04:27:43 PM
That REALLY sums up my frustration. In this last model I was using a lot of textures I had to reduce. But another problem is exporting from sketchup to 3ds, because the program "splits" textures over complex shapes, multiplying the number of textures. The good thing is that I finally succeeded in making textures work, and older models seem to work again without problems (After uninstalling, installing again, setting compatibility, CPU affinity and all those things), but lights are still behaving weirdly. I can put exactly 4 Omni lights in the model without problems, but then they start having problems with shadow casting...

EDIT: I've tested other new models from sketchup with less textures and polys and the program has the same problems, I'm really frustrated with all this... I don't know what else do... I'll have to simplify my models to make them work again, but I'm not in the mood of doing that now... Something affected the program's stability, but after a week I wasn't able to find the issue...


Yes, I've been seduced... I feel like I betrayed Simcity4  :'(

As I had to buy a new computer, due to the Gmax issues which drive me mad, and the Summer offer, I decided to give CS a try. But I plan combining both activities. I´ll keep rendering for SC4, as I need high poly meshes to bake the normal maps and I'm going to use the textures I'll create for CS to reduce the texture number for Gmax and so prevent rendering fails. I think I'm going to release smaller packs, to make it easier.

I hope you don't mind...  :-\


Traitor!  $%Grinno$%

But I totally get it... 3DS Max 2017 is wreaking havoc with my ability to export SC4 BATs successfully. What was previously an exasperating part of the BATing process is now right on the verge of being totally inoperable.

Unless we can start getting all the tools to work compatibly together again, BATing for SC4 is truly going to die out...

These images look quite amazing btw  :thumbsup:
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I am using Max 2017 to model due to the unwrap modifier in 2014 is not working.
Think 2014 is the last version where bat4max works proper.

Romualdillo: Is that one of your models in that picture ?


I'm still using my MaxDesign 2012, it's old but it works :)


Oh no  ;D You betray Simcity  :D
Shame on you! *joke*
Nice work again!  &apls &apls &apls


Renders are now pretty unstable, but reducing tris and textures works (at least it's what works for me), so I'll combine both activities, using textures for CS to render the SC4 models. CS is visually incredible, but I still find SC4 has better features... (I guess CS will be a method for viewing my creations in other perspective)
reddonquixote: Thank you!
vester: Yes, I've been doing some recycling...  :D
seraf: I had it, but I lost it...  &mmm
Dantes: Thank you!


Do not give up! You managed to program! And you can create great art!


*blowing out the dust...* COUGH, COUGH... :P

Hello my fellow forumers! I'm back (sort of...)  :-[

I've been inactive for a certain time because of RL events and, as you might remember (if not, I'll refresh your memory), because I was really upset due to gmax modelling and rendering issues. It got necessary to redo all my models in order to reduce the poly count, if I wanted to reuse and complete my series, allowing gmax to render the models correctly. I also tried CS, and loved it, but I still think simulation in SC4 is way much better than CS' one.

You're surely thinking why I continue going around the same models again and again. Do I suffer from a severe case of OCD?  ??? 
Well I can't discard it  :D, but as I intend to make a big Spanish based steampunk city (Alphonsine Steampunk? :P), I need a good urban background to make it realistic, and these series where the best option to build them in the shortest time possible.
-But, if you're redoing them again and again, wouldn't it be better modelling unique buildings instead of series?  :-\
Well, knowing myself (and without discarding the OCD), as long as my modelling and texturing skills improve, I would be tempted to improve my models as well, so we come back to the same problem. I'm a perfectionist and there's little I can do...  &mmm

Back to the models... Some time ago, some of you were the opinion that my R$ buildings looked too good to be R$... They were better suited  for R$$... I tried to explain that in Spain there was some kind of "workers' Art Nouveau": Working class people put all their efforts in decorating their houses' façades with ceramic tiles and/or industrial manufactured concrete ornaments, while the interiors were not that good. As a certain amount of money was required, those people were not that poor, but they weren't "middle class" neither... Nevertheless I heard you, and made more R$ looking houses. My first thought was combining them with the other R$ houses, but I would like to know your opinion. Should I make these models R$, R$$ and R$$$ or only R$ and R$$? What do you think?


New R$ Houses

R$ to upgrade to R$$... A good option?

Each residential unit has 170 m2 (1830 ft2) more or less... So I think it would be realistic for a pre-war middle class house...

R$$ to upgrade to R$$$... Same...

Each residential unit has 340 m2 (3660 ft2) more or less...

So, what do you think?

P.S: I didn't intend in any way to make fun of peolple suffering from OCD. It's a serious illness, so if I hurted anyone's feelings, I apologize in advance.


I suspect you may end up offending a lot of the forum-goers with OCD remarks  ;).

Not me, however, because you have shown us such wonderful gems. These little houses are just beautiful  :thumbsup:

I take it you were able to resolve the 3ds/gmax issues from prior? Great to see you back at the bat.  :thumbsup:



Yes I finally could solve it... (I hope). :) Reducing polys was the solution, but I wasn't in the mood to redo all the models at that moment. :'(

I forgot to upload this image in my last post, is my first attempt at doing a shop. I tried to make mixed use lots, but it was impossible.  ()what() Yes, I knew that if the God Modders of SimCity haven't achieved it by now, I surely wouldn't, but I had to try it by myself...  ::). Thus I stated for and by myself that props can't host jobs and "allow joint occupancy" isn't implemented in any way... But dreaming is free...  $%Grinno$%

I was inspired by the RCImulti mod by Niloluiz, really a great mod... But it affects all residential lots.

So, here's the little haberdashery... and dressmaker atelier... Perhaps the luminous signs are too much, but looking at old pictures they were very common...

More to come, if I have the time for... Ideas and old pictures of shops are welcomed!


Hermosas, realmente hermosas! Y ciertamente, estas nuevas de clase obrera sí te dan un poco más de soltura para hacerlas decididamente en lotes de baja riqueza. Las espero, obviamente, con ansias, al igual que esperamos tu vuelta al foro; es un gusto tenerte por acá!
Beautiful, really beautiful! And certainly, this new working class houses give you more looseness to lot them decisively as low wealth. I'm waiting for them eagerly, just as we waited for you to come back to the forums; it's a pleasure to have you here!

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