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Bombardiere's London, British and Other BATs

Started by bombardiere, February 15, 2016, 10:08:43 AM

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As with other, I have lost my Photobucket pictures. I have not yet decide where I replace those. Bit of a problem.

Anyway, meanwhile I have been finally able to finish my Bedford Square pack. This was a harder project than I though. In total 12 BAT models. Plus I made 8 diagonals as a bonus. I hope these are useful for someone.


The download file contains both Maxis and Darknite version. This means that two times 20 HD BAT equals one very big file. 38 MB. But after you choose the night version and if you leave the diagonals out, then the play file is about 10 mb. Addiction to HD is costly.  ::)

No new preview this time. Not only because the Photobucket but also that I have very little to show. I have done some small industrials, but I have not yet decide what will be the next major project. Although I have been eyeing at Nash original London County Fire Office and I need something Victorian to compete with Freytag Building which has taken over my commercial district in one of my plays.

manga rivotra

A great addition to the game, thank you for sharing this with us!  :thumbsup:



It has been a long time.  ::) I have not quit, just been busy with other things.

I would like to make a quick post to show that I can still Bat. I have been quietly working with a small project. I am in need of old time industry buildings. Especially mechanical and out buildings. Most industrial buildings are anchors and not many are doing out buildings. I suppose people are using Maxis ones, but I wanted something else.

So let me introduce my small industry pack. These are from late 19th and early 20th century, so red brick is dominant colour. This time not all model are based from the UK, but some are German or Central European. Well, red brick industry style is pretty universal.

I have taken inspiration again from railway model kits. Those are really useful for reference. The boiler house is a Faller plastic kit. I did build it many years ago, but it is still in the shelve with no place.  :( Now it is in 3D form.

I am also working with a diagonal power plant. It is still an idea and working model. I need to better familiarise with diagonal geometry.

I have more models in progress so lotting this lot will take some effort.


That's really beautiful, and you are right, there is a serious need for more mechanical and out buildings. This ones will be fantastic on that role!!

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You can indeed still BAT.. very beautifully in fact  :thumbsup: &apls &apls
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Ah, so you are still here! And teasing us with these models without a download button...? ? ? Bad bombardiere, but making such a nice stuffs good bombardiere!   &apls &apls &apls
Any chance that you could make separate props from those brick walls? That would be awesome, more variety to our industrial areas. Simmer gave some very nice concrete walls recently, and however I  like the IRM versions, but more variety could be awesom!

Really nice work here! :)

- Tyberius
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Quote from: Tyberius06 on March 04, 2018, 02:27:28 AM

Any chance that you could make separate props from those brick walls? That would be awesome, more variety to our industrial areas. Simmer gave some very nice concrete walls recently, and however I  like the IRM versions, but more variety could be awesom!

Oh you wanted walls.  :D I got some walls.  :D I just thought that the walls would be too boring so that is why I did not include those in the preview.  ::)

Wall in the diagonal picture is just a test sample to see how the yard and the buildings would interact. Not a final product. But i have made some wall props earlier.

I am probably going to Bat diagonal versions of all of buildings and props, although I may not do diagonal lots. Besides of this power plant.


Great models, really! Such small industrial buildings are very useful  :thumbsup: However, are they going to have those base 3D surface as final, or is it just for showing purposes?
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Great to see you back at the BAT. The models look splendid. I really love the little workshops  :thumbsup: Are you going to mod them to over-ride some of the Maxis out/ and mech/ buildings?


The dreaded thing happened. My 3DS MAX student licence expired. No more Sim City batting.   :crytissue:

It seems that I have been three years. I have not been active lately and I did not open 3DS MAX for a month or two, so the end of the licence was surprise to me. But an obvious one of course.

Any ideas on what to do next?

It might be possible to open second account at Autocad and get a new student licence. But I am not sure if it would be worth of it. It would be the latest version and it may or not work with Bat4Max.  %confuso

I did a few models during the spring. If anyone is interested, I could donate SC¤models if anyone is interested. But these models are not finished and non have night render. Only daytime render in HD.


This is sadness. I sympathize. :(
Excellent models. I really want to see the final product. :thumbsup:


3DS max is still alive, newer versions may need to be tweaked, according to this posting. Of course it's hard to say for how long, given the ever-shifting nature of Autodesk's products. But assuming you get a new licence, you can keep one of the currently supported versions for the next few years at least.


I wanted to come back, but no, I still have issues with 3DSMax.

I went and got a licence. 2016 MAX. I read this post to learn how to work with later version of a 3DSMAX


So I applied the Fix, gamma fix and run 3DSMAX as admin to overcome Win10 user right issues. But no, I am not able to make BATs. I get this dreadful Error 6 message.

Any ideas of what is going wrong?

I know that Error 6 is just general something went wrong and doesn't pinpoint where the problem lies.

Before I applied MGB204's fix file, I got this same error message than Reddonquixote describes at the beginning of the thread. It is now gone, but Error 6 has replaced it. :(


Code 6: the generic error that doesn't help us to understand the problem :(.

Try opening a new scene and exporting a simple shape like a box, does that bring up the Error? If it doesn't, the issue relates to your file/model somewhere. If this is a file from a previous version of 3DSMax, there is a chance that there is some incompatibility. But it could equally be an error in your geometry somewhere.


As you say, error code 6 is too generic to assist us.

In your screen shot, on the 'Frame Buffer Type', do you have the option to select 'Integer 16Bits per channel' from the drop down rather than the Floating 32 bits that it is now (this is an obvious difference between my set up on 2014 and yours on 2016). Otherwise, try making a simple box as the previous poster suggested


That box was a very good idea, but no joy. :( I also tried different folders than my documents, just in case it is some esoteric Win 10 user right issue. But no. Error 6 is there. :(

I did removed 2017 fix and it gave error Finalgatheruseradiousinterpolation. Oddly enough it  allowed to do preview, but again with full export, the error 6 appeared.

I have tried to read a few threads and I am not sure if anyone has been successful with 2016 version. Perhaps that fix only works with 2017 version. I really do not know. :(


The specific error you are showing is the very line that the fix outlined by RDQ should have removed. This feature no longer exists and when the scripts call it, it creates an error. So check again you've correctly overridden the right file when installing the fix.

SF_LtbL_functions.ms in $INSTALLDIR\gamepacks\BAT\scripts

Run a search system-wide for this file, perhaps you've multiple instances confusing the issue?

Lastly, know that Windows10 may restore any files to their originals, if they are modified and located in a "system folder". This is basically a security feature, but if it's preventing the fix, you may need to give the folder/file sufficient privileges to work around that.

Alternately, you can open this file with Notepad or similar and just edit the text, search for an remove this line:

myRen.FinalGatherUseRadiusInterpolation = true

Note: this appears twice, so both instances need to be removed (one for Day and one for Night renders). That's pretty much all my modified file has done.