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Bombardiere's London, British and Other BATs

Started by bombardiere, February 15, 2016, 10:08:43 AM

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The texturing looks absolutely lovely! And I love the subject!

I do like the yellow-clay London stock bricks...it really gives that sense of place. In photoshop/gimp you could use a burn tinted slightly ochre to emulate 'cleaner' areas where the pollution hasn't really stuck.

Here is an up-close image of bricks from Bedford square: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_stock_brick#/media/File:London_stock_brick.jpg


Great job on the dirt streaks and textures in general :thumbsup:


Fantastic work there. The modelling looks terrific and you did a great job on the textures. Except, I have to second vortext, the facade could use one or another slight traces of age. Other than that, all I can do is repeat myself. Fantastic work. &apls

JP Schriefer


Looks outstanding  &apls  Can't wait to try it out!


Matt's Harrods has prompted me to show update on my London project. It has been delayed because I keep adding variations of the main building.

Here is one with back extensions and mews.

Another one is a row of Bedford Square buildings. Loosely based on numbers 3 to 5, next to number 6 on the middle. I have tried Matt's suggestion and added some ochre to brown brick. I think I need to desaturate and tone it down, but at least on the front the effect is interesting.


Great to see an update from you buddy :)

These are looking like they will be your best creations yet. As always, hungry for more residentials like this.


Wonderful work.  :thumbsup: I'd suggest adding a railing attached to the wall for the court's stairs and maybe even on top of the parapet.


Your texturing and modeling is wonderful!  I can't believe how much you have improved since your first foray into BATing (and it wasn't even that long ago).   &apls


Beautiful!  :satisfied: The texturing is sublime.

I love the little underground courtyards.


O my holy.... those are just beautiful  :o  &apls &apls &apls

I love your work on the details  :thumbsup: and textures are great too  &apls

I must say I'm tempted to persuade you to model a bit of interior, those big windows are just asking for it ;)


Meticulous details and crisp renders... very nice  &apls &apls
Pay heed to the tales of old wives. It may well be that they alone keep in memory what it was once needful for the wise to know.


Really beautiful work on these  &apls  Definitely looking forward to getting my hands on them :)



Thank you. When the best batters and modders give such high complements, I feel elevated.   ()stsfd()  I am a slow worker, but this keeps me pushing onwards. :)

@  MGB204 One day we will be able to do a virtual British city in SC4. It may take 20 years, but I am heading to it. :D

@ Praiodan Yes, I guess it could use a railing or fence, but as it is not very noticeable, I think I am done with the modelling.

@ Simcoug. Thank you, but when one starts from zero, there is only one way to go. :D  Inexperience makes me slow and I perhaps need more time to finish a Bat than others who have more skills with 3D modelling. And it seems that I have more ideas than I have time or energy to materialise, but perhaps one day we could have a talk to see if there would be anything I could do for the Historic Harbour.

@ Seraf Sure, but I am not tempted. :) Nightlights are not my forte and interior would be calling a spectacular lighting and I am not yet ready open that Pandora's Box. May be later. :)

To prove that I could actually fin(n)ish something, I have uploaded my Post House model.


A simple house model, but it has been laying around for a long time, because I have wanted to BAT a few other houses from the same street. That has been inactive for so long that I think it is best just to share the model and continue another day with a new upload. This way I can at least finish something.

I am quite satisfied with the yellow stucco. I feel that is my best texture so far. I tried a number of yellow whitish stucco textures, but none really worked. So I made the texture myself. I wanted this faded sunburnt light shade, but same time to give an instant impression of yellowness. I think this proves Madhatter's saying that "good textures are made, not found" ;)


More of the Bedford Square. I also wanted some corners, so I did so. :) I have done the most of the lots and still need to do the nightlights. Then I should be ready to share this and finally move on to another project.

JP Schriefer

Very beautiful work! It's great to have more London buildings in game :)