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October 01, 2022, 09:08:43 PM

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Barroco Hispano BAT Thread

Started by Barroco Hispano, August 26, 2018, 08:45:53 AM

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Barroco Hispano

Another albedo and ambient occlusion map:


This is what the occlusion map looks like

I can change the color if I want.


Final result:


Barroco Hispano

Barroco Hispano


Trees look horrible  :D

Barroco Hispano


It looks promising. I would adjust the HSV values though as they are a little too dark at the moment.

If I pick an area with your lightest green (from the in-game shot), it returns approx H 77 | S 46 | V 28, whereas one of the lighter parts of the mid-coloured Maxis trees is approx H 68 | S 48 | V 37.

Most of the custom content trees are also quite a bright green, so it would be advisable to brighten a little bit.

Barroco Hispano

Yes, you are right  :(. I have realized that this is the only tree that adapts to the color of my terrain and I think that may be a problem in the future, you know, many of the trees that we currently have available will be incompatible with my terrain mods. I think the only solution that will benefit everyone will be to create new trees for the game and I have a couple hundred. By the way, thanks for your opinion, I am open to any kind of criticism since I plan to create 8 terrain mods.

What type of terrain do you want me to recreate?

It is time for you to make your requests  :D.
Barroco Hispano


Hi alejogc13

I always read this thread, but never made a coment, lol

About your request, we don't have this terrains with HD textures, if I remember correctly:

Tropical (wet, dry)
Malaysia, Congo, Chiapas México, Colombia

Dry (desert, semi arid)
Sonora from Mexico, Saudi Arabia

Mid-Latitude (Mediterranean, Marine west coast, humid subtropical, humid continental)
California U.S., Greece, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan

I hope that this could give you some ideas. Or they could be requests  :P


Barroco Hispano

You hit the nail on the head, those are the ones I plan to do.  :thumbsup:

I'm going to play around with Jenx's brushes.

I wonder if it is possible to get this result in simcity 4

Barroco Hispano

Barroco Hispano

Open the image in a new tab to see it in full resolution:

Barroco Hispano


Awesome to see you working on a terrain mod! Certainly your attention to detail and skill bode very well for the project  :thumbsup: I love the texture work, with that "snowy rock texture" that seems not even meant as an actual texture especially piquing my interest, could potentially offer some exciting contrast to elevations above the snow line not sloped enough to trigger the rock mod.

I've done my share of TM tinkering--ironically brought it up to a buddy just the other day before he pointed me in this direction, which was after the VIP TM thread got bumped yesterday :D Anyway, I wish I could offer more help, particularly with regard to your seasonal ambitions. I suspect the loose ends Maxis left leave it as technically possible but to best of my knowledge it's not yet been accomplished with much success. There certainly seem to be a lot of possibilities and little-explored possibilities with terrain mods but doesn't seem to be any
"low hanging fruit" there so to speak.

One suggestion I would make is that multiple great "rock" textures are actually a great thing and doesn't require settling on just one. Not sure how familiar you are with the .ini texture table but the thing i've been most happy with my work is probably incorporating as many top-quality rock mod textures as i could into the high-altitude, high- or low-moisture textures in that table (obviously below the snow line ;) )

Again, wish i could offer more help but happy chat about workings of that table and the TM controller file more broadly, among other things :) good luck!!


This should be what you are looking for (or rather, the exact opposite)

This other post has a handy annotation of most variables on the exemplar:

It also includes a moisture data view, but there is another, done by CorinaMarie on ST, which is the one I use. Any of those would be useful to check the effects of changing those variables.

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Barroco Hispano

@noahclem I would appreciate your help because I don't understand the .ini texture table very well, I mean, I don't know what can be achieved by modifying it. Right now I am using the Gobias terrain mod as a base but I noticed that the variation of the textures is a bit boring in the lower parts of the terrain.

As you can see the mod uses a single texture in the lower parts to cover large terrain spaces.

I wonder if it is possible to modify the .ini to mix more textures and thus be able to break the repetition.

I don't quite understand what you meant about rocks but what I can tell you is that it can do a lot of rock and terrain textures.

@matias93 Thanks for the links I knew I had read it somewhere but I couldn't remember where.  :thumbsup:

Barroco Hispano


Hi! Very nice textures in this thread. Do you upload them on LEX or not?

Barroco Hispano

@Marggg Yes.

The leaves in the texture look a bit big because right now I only have access to 2x2m and 1x1m textures

Open the images in a new tab to appreciate all the details

I can try to make the leaves look smaller but it is really difficult to make a seamless texture when it is repeated 4 times in the same plane (I mix 5 textures in a single plane.).
Barroco Hispano

Barroco Hispano

Now it begins to look much better.

open the image in a new tab to see it in full resolution

I don't like the snow texture.

Barroco Hispano

Barroco Hispano

I'll improve the color of the snow later.

open the image in a new tab to see it in full resolution

Barroco Hispano

Barroco Hispano

open the image in a new tab to see it in full resolution

Barroco Hispano

Barroco Hispano

2014 Mercedes-Benz S500:

2019 Mercedes-Benz Maybach Pullman:

Barroco Hispano

Barroco Hispano

Open the images in a new tab to see them in full resolution

New beach mod

I'll improve the color later.

Barroco Hispano


Quote from: alejogc13 on June 12, 2020, 01:40:28 PM
Open the images in a new tab to see them in full resolution

New beach mod

I'll improve the color later.

This is what I see, no picture at all.
Maybe you can convert the pictures from png to jpg. The JPG's are in generally a lot smaller than PNG's

I have to go back to the 16th of may to see any pictures in your posts.
AND in THAT post only one picture out of five, is showing.


Hi Vester!

It's interesting, because I can see all of his pictures. Is there maybe some settings on your system which would block those images to show up?
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Barroco Hispano

I can make hundreds of variations but I don't know if it makes sense.

Too bad we can't do something like this in SimCity 4.

Barroco Hispano