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Resvi's Bat~~

Started by jijdlswns, May 30, 2009, 05:50:17 PM

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Omnia, my first MD. Check it out!


lately i making korea National Railroad Administration building ~
it located in Daejeon ,,

here it pic is really picture~

and it is my bat~

i think it is many difficult ,.. T^T

how is thinking about it bat?

Earth quake

Wow, the times bridge is impressive, excellent work at the lot. (but I would like to see a night view  :thumbsup:)
The korea National Railroad Administration building is looking nice, on the contrary on picture, they see that the building is not exactly square , it would be judicious to round it up a bit. :thumbsup:


i have quit to make bank of korea,, i have just modeling and then not export it,, bacause it was really bad,, like this ,

and lately i modeling newone of them,,,
and i take mapping ,, it is my masterpiece,, lol,, joking,,!!

it looks better than before as my sight,,,
  how is it?????

add i finished it what is to make bat
here is rink,,,
you can download at 첨부파일 AND THEN YOU can click 내pc 에 저장,,,


Come here after Tyberius! Thanks Resvi (@jijdlswns) for making nice Korean buildings and suffs!  :thumbsup:
I loves Sim City forever!