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Crushedcar's Random BAT's

Started by crushedcar, January 06, 2009, 06:28:18 AM

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Per sim-al2's request I've added some ferns to the garden. Also to add some detail to the terraces I made and added some "people." As with the last post if no suggestions or objections are posted by 3PM CST tomorrow this will be rendered.


CC did you get this rendered at all??? I like how it turned out!!

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It has been rendered and other than poor quality shadows on the lot (courtesy of Maxis/EA) and some annoying smudges at zooms 4,5,6 (that despite rendering three times [4 hour render time] will noe go away) I'd call it good. I'll post a picture later today.

Edit #1
Pictures as promised.
Detail of "Sploch" issue. Does anyone now how to fix this?

Night Overview. Building at right for scale purposes. Apperently, the building glows at night. Is this too severe (I didn't intend this).

Lot Overview.


CC that is looking great for the lot there and also are you talking about the one little bit of the corner on the building itself where it seems displaced? To fix it I honestly have no clue maybe posting a question in the BAT help thread might do some good?

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Pat-After doing a little serach I'm guessing that the "sploch problem" (likely responsible for the displaced corner) is a result of my graphics card.  After fiddling with my shadow settings the ugly incorrect shadows disappeared. That just leaves the night glow. If the glow is not too harsh I may try this on my older computer (It has a better graphics card).


Well, as far a the Iris Capitol Building goes I'm done. I am debating whether or not to release it. In the meantime I have reworked my Orce Supercarrier. The new version is narrower and shorter than the previous version. Left to be done on this are the texturing of the flight deck, the addition of some detail on the hull, detail on the bridge, and, of course, more aircraft.


looking good on the super carrier there CC!!! About the Iris Capitol Building Id say go for it on your old computer...

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Pat-thanks. However I am not going to be using that model. I've decided instead to chop the wings off in order to better anchor the building. This will make the building more versatile too. I'm going to render that tonight.

All-If you have any comment on my work, please let me know. I realize that such specialized buildings are not likely to get many responses. Still, I would like to here your comments and suggestions.

Today's Random BAT-Orca Supercarrier

Zoom 3: West

Showing a nearly complete flight deck. Still missing one aircraft and some pavement stuff. Bridge needs more junk on the roof and anti-air/anti-missle guns have to be added.


CC are you going to add the net catcher system at all??

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How about a slightly more sedate retrevial system? like a arrestor cable. That net looks... ...a bit dangerous. :o


Pat--no net catcher system. I don't think that would work to well on anything like a F16.
sim-al2--You were absolutely right. I decided on the arrestor cable system.

Here is an update on the Orca Supercarrier. I just have to add a couple of weapons systems (currently only Sea Sparrow Missiles are shown) and one more aircraft. LODs aren't done yet either.

This my next Naval BAT. Introducing the Tiger Shark Class Battleship. Shown here is the basic above water hull design. The texture on the center part is just a placeholder. This one is based off of GDI's Battleship in C&C 3.

A little side note, I intend to release the Iris Capitol Building. I will send it off for scrutinerring tomorrow.


Well, good news, bad news time. Good News: I can render the Orca Supercarrier overnight. I've already figured out water lots and building size tweaking. Bad News: I can't make this customize-able due to Maxis coding. That means I have to render it with all aircraft on board.

I still haven't modelled any CIWS guns for the aircraft carrier. Also I still need to test the night version of the carrier and the waterline. ETA on the Orca Supercarrier is one week.


How in the world did you make this buildings! Show me how to model people, trees, and doors! I'm really having trobule modeling doors.


Hey CC that looks good there and that sucks about the problems with MAXIS siiiiiiiigh....

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Evillions-First of all, I didn't model the trees those are by kd5rax and can be found on the STEX. As far as people those are just groups of boxes (two for the arms, two for the legs, one for the torso, and one for the head.) Doors are something that I learned through trial and error.

Pat-Well, I'm pretty sure Maxis never envisioned the following this game would have, and the things they would find out.

Today I have a two part update. First is a schedule of some things to come in my Iris Military Project. Second is a new BAT that I think everyone can use.

If you look through this thread you may note that I have already BATted a couple of fighter planes and am working on a pair of Naval BATs. This is now grouped as one large project. The Iris Military Project (IMP) will be a set of near future land, sea, and air combat vehicles. On the docket right now.

Orca Supercarrier (Progress pictured below)

Tigershark Battleship
Manta VTOL Carrier
E-3 Eagle
F-4 Firehawk
Mammoth Tank

All of the above have been started or will be started soon.

A little something I am working on. When completed it will be a full size Major League stadium. Some of the areas on this have been altered with paint. They represent the next steps.


More progress on the Iris Military Project

Iris ADI F-10 and F/A-12
Name: F/A12 Phoenix
F-10 Skyhawk
Type/Purpose: Multirole Fighter                         
Air Superiority Fighter
Origin: Real Life
Real Life
Status: Completed

Bonus points to anyone who guesses the correct real life aircraft.

Iris ADI SR-3 Shadow

Name: SR-3 Shadow
Type/Purpose: Spy Plane
Origin: Supreme Commander
Status: Completed

B-2 Spirit

Name: B-2 Spirit
Type/Purpose: Strategic Bomber
Origin: Real Life
Status: Detailing

Iris NDS-CGN (Tigershark Cruiser)

Class: Guided Missile Cruiser
Size: 180m x 32m
Origin: C&C 3 Tiberium Wars
Status: Under Construction

That's all for now. Comments, suggestions, and questions are welcomed.


It's been a while, I know. This isn't technically a BAT, but rather than create a new thread for this only, I am posting it in here.

This is simply a relot of some of the SNM-WIMPS props to create a modular dock system. I still have to work on the modding and create a lot to attach these to the other SNM-WIMPS lots, but, assuming the BSC allows, I will release these shortly.

Okay this is a BAT thread, and I guess I can justify this post if I show a BAT. This the SA-1 Lightning, better known as the F-302 from Stargate.

The model is finished and just needs to rendered.

As always, feedback is appreciated.


Hey, we can always use some F-302s to help keep us safe from the Gouald , Ori ...well ya never know :thumbsup:



moin crushedcar,

... i really like your air-/spacecrafts, though i probably will not use them in my cities. ;) but what i'm really interested in is you baseballfield! areyou still workin' on it, or did you abandoned the project?



sithlrd-Ah, yes. Don't forget Wraith and Replicators.  :P
beutelschlurf--Thank you. As far as the stadium goes it was dormant, but thanks to you I am going to get back to working on it.

Please forgive the erratic nature of my updates. College has played havoc with my life and probably will be for the next four years. In addition, I do some work for SimMars. I have a quick update on Atlas Media Stadium.

Yes, it is a long ways from completion. So far the only things that are finished with modelling are the field and the center field lawn. BTW, I apologize for the picture quality, I forgot to change the save setting in paint and it defaulted to jpeg. Usually, I save as .bmp and let photobucket convert it for me.