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Citymax B.A.T. News from 02/03/2010

Started by citymax, September 18, 2009, 12:59:26 AM

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Hello everybody !To start, I'll show you my new railway station :

EDIT: no textured


That's a very beautiful terminal and looks very well detailed, congratulations. Some things strike me immediately, though--your textures are very clean and uniform and don't have much "texture" to them--they need grime and age and overall could be lighter. The mansard roofs especially are very dark and read as black; they would be much better as a lighter steely blue.

Also, the main block of the building, fronting the street, is far too narrow for such a large terminus--it should be at least twice as thick to look realistic. Even the wings (ailes) look too thin to my eye. And it would be nice to have a line of simple windows on the top floor of the wings looking out over the roof of the train shed; the bare interior walls look unfinished. And since it is a French-style building, the side entrances would be centered on the facades--beaux-arts symmetry!


Thanks, I forgot to mention "not textured"  ;D


Great start, another master on the way...  &apls  I agree with gottogo, there needs to be some more depth to the front and sides, but otherwise a great model.


It looks quite simmilair to the already BATted Gare Du Nord. Is this Gare Du Nord or is it another station?
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Thank you all !

@ mrtnrln  : Indeed this station look like Gare du Nord Station, but in reality It's an inspiration of the Paris-Saint-Lazare Station  ;)


Really nice It's a good project I love it  ;)
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Your station is just, great! &apls

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Amazing work! The modeling looks great so far, can't wait to see it properly textured  :thumbsup:

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Have seen as well many others wonderful things from you , Citymax , which would deserve an audience here ... You'll be soon  a TSC team member , no doubt , and congratulations  .  :thumbsup:

&apls &apls


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is that the Gare St-Lazare?
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Thanks all !!

Today :

This station looks like Saint-Lazare Station  ;D

Enjoy unlimited  :thumbsup:


This looks incredibly detailed! You have some serious BATting skills.

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Hi Citymax ;-)
Wonderful railway station... Have you finish your work ? I'd like to use it in my cities because it seems do be wonderful (I already use in game your Commercial center, and I want another of your great bats lol).



Very good!!! I have some points:
- I can't see this in the pic (so disregard if this is the case already), but I would suggest that the rail textures (tracks) are not modeled, ie you leave that part empty, so that lotmakers can put the textures they want. One could use rail plus GLR and/or GHSR textures and make it a hub.
- Maybe consider making a smaller one, like one with half the width and 4 (double) tracks instead of 8. I think many players will find that very useful.
- Is it HD? It's a very big BAT and I think making it HD would be unneeded and wasteful (in terms of resources).


Hi everybody, sorry for my forum's missing :(,

jimbo_jj, seraf = Thanks for your comment ;-)

Chamborant = The station doesn't finish :(, and thanks to use my center ;)

cogeo = Good Idea for the tracks ;), no, i think, when i export it, not use HD, because, it could be too long... Thanks ;)

To make up my late, I'll post some of my creations in recent weeks :
(sorry for the french :D)

Enjoy it ;)


My BATs or here but it is in french ;)


Wow... I especially like the "grands moulins de Paris", which are very realistics.
Fantastic work  :D


Tres Bien!  &apls

We need more european stuff and I find your work really good.

What to you think about some stuff from the provence? Years ago I was in Montelimar and Avignon and the old historical buidlings there are really nice.
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