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Network Addon Mod & SimCity 4 - Hardware and Software Survey

Started by Ulisse Wolf, March 22, 2022, 11:45:57 AM

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Ulisse Wolf

Network Addon Mod & SimCity 4 - Hardware and Software Survey

With the arrival of Network Addon Mod (Version 44) and the start of development of version 45 we decided to do a survey to understand what actions we need to take in later versions of NAM. First we want to understand the hardware and operating system in which SimCity 4 is run and consequently Network Addon Mod.

All instructions are contained in this Simtropolis Thread where there is also a tutorial to correctly answer this survey



I took the survey. I found the "4GB Patch" option confusing. I have installed both the 4GB patch *and* the Low-memory NAM without RHW. I thought the NAM part more relevant, so I answered Low-Mem.

The survey would be clearer without mentioning the patch. Just ask Full (w RHW) or Low-Mem (no RHW).
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      Service communication by the NAM Team!     

We are about to close the NAM Hardware and Software survey. If you haven't filled it yet, please do so now! We're gonna close it in 4 hours after this post was made!

Ulisse Wolf

I can officially declare the survey Closed

We will inform you as soon as possible after analyzing the survey data