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NAM 46 and NAM Lite 2 Now Available

Started by Tarkus, January 15, 2023, 07:12:03 AM

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The NAM Team is pleased to announce the release of the 46th edition of the Network Addon Mod, NAM 46.

DOWNLOAD LINKS (All Cross-Platform)



What's new in NAM 46?  Here's a list:

  • Network Widening Mod (NWM) Features:
    • Support for diagonal 4-way (+) intersections and crossings has been added for all six single-tile NWM networks (TLA-3, AVE-2, ARD-3, OWR-1, OWR-3, and NRD-4), including orthogonal X diagonal (OXD), diagonal X orthogonal (DXO) and diagonal X diagonal (DXD). These networks may cross one another, along with all base Maxis networks, Ground Light Rail (GLR), and Single-Track Rail (STR). Support for 3-way intersections, other NAM network families (i.e. RHW, SAM, etc.), and those involving multi-tile NWM networks will be added in a future phase.
    • A preliminary version of an Avenue-based form of the 6-lane Avenue (AVE-6) network has been added, which supports full wealthing. To build an AVE-6 with the Avenue tool, overlap two orthogonal Avenues, and they will convert (diagonals are not presently supported). Most intersections supported by the existing AVE-6 are supported with this new implementation, and it is also possible to transition to the traditional Road-based AVE-6 for any functionality not yet supported.
  • New Bridges: Over 20 new Bridges have been added, courtesy of IDS2, including the first Bridges for the OWR-4 and OWR-5 networks (which are Avenue-based Bridges, due to the side-by-side Bridge limitation). Further bridge support has been added for RD-4, RD-6, SAM-6 (Klinker Streets), SAM-11 (MGB Industial), Double-Track Rail (DTR) and Single Track Rail (STR).
  • Hybrid Railway (HRW) Features: L2 HRW support has been added, along with LHD improvements, and a reimplementation of the OnSlope Transitions to improve slope handling. Elevated support includes R2 elevated curves (at L1 and L2), orthogonal X orthogonal (OXO) crossings with the base road networks (Road, OWR, Avenue), the Network Widening Mod and the RealHighway, and diagonal X orthogonal (DXO) includes the base road networks and the RealHighway.
  • Rail Slope Settings: An improved set of Rail Slope Settings has been prepared, providing more user choice and greater usability with the smoother/more restrictive options.
  • Base Network Features:
    • Courtesy of the recently-returned Shadow Assassin, the diagonal transitions between the Avenue network and the Road and RHW-2 networks have been dramatically improved, and extended versions have been added. Direct connection transitions were re-designed for a smoother look, and the new extended versions use a stub-to-stub override.
    • In preparation for future phases of the NWM diagonal intersection expansion, the base T-intersections involving diagonal Road and/or One-Way Road have been revamped.
  • RealHighway (RHW) Features:
    • The long-awaited Dual Type 230 QuickChange Xpress Diamond Interchange setups are now available, which allow one to quickly build pre-fabricated interchanges between various RealHighway (RHW) networks and the triple-tile NWM networks, complete with turn lanes and all the bells and whistles.
    • The Diagonal Ramp-Style FLEX Height Transitions now support RHW-3 and RHW-6S.
    • The Double-Decker RHW-4 (DDRHW-4) models have been revamped, courtesy of Ulisse, coupled with some improvements to base functionality.
    • The Type E1-Inside ramps now have elevated forms, and various incremental improvements have been made to the elevated ramp interface models.
    • The Type A2 and B2 merging ramps have been re-designed to feature a lane drop prior to connecting with the mainline lanes.
    • A new FLEX Width Transition piece has been added, to better facilitate transitions involving multi-tile S-type networks (especially the previously unstable RHW-8S-to-6S transitions, with their tile drop).
    • The MIS 2-Lane FLEX Turn Lanes (including the FLEX Height Transition) can now connect smoothly to FlexSPUI and FlexDDI.
  • FLEX Turn Lane (FTL) Streetlights: The FLEX Turn Lane (FTL) setups (except the very limited Avenue Type 020) now support streetlights.
  • New NAM Website: An official Network Addon Mod website has been launched, https://www.sc4nam.com, featuring NAM documentation and feature guides.

Additional information, including installation instructions, can be found in the read-first-nam-46.html document, included in the download.

-The NAM Team


In addition to the new full version of the NAM, NAM 46, we've also issued an updated version of the new NAM Lite Package, NAM Lite 2, as a standalone download. 




A much more compact version of the flagship Network Addon Mod (NAM), NAM Lite features just the most essential of NAM features, including the NAM's renowned Traffic Simulator Plugins, refining SimCity 4's pathfinding engine to work as it was originally intended, along with Automata Controller options, updated textures (including a Euro/International texture option), Roundabouts, Diagonal Streets, additional interchanges for the game's base Highway system (the "Maxis Highways"), and (optional) Hole Diggers/Ground Raisers, allowing for precise terrain alteration.

What's changed since NAM Lite 1, the version bundled in with NAM 45?  Here's a list:

  • NAM Lite is now offered as a separate download.
  • Issues involving the Additional Maxis Highways feature have been addressed, including fixing functionality with Road and One-Way Road Perpendicular Interchanges with Elevated Highways, some of which affected users who did not install this option.
  • Some features from the full edition of the NAM that were unintentionally accessible through NAM Lite menu buttons (in very broken forms) have been removed from the Perpendicular Interchanges and Avenue Roundabouts buttons.
  • The Hole Digger and Ground Raiser items have been added to NAM Lite, as a strictly optional additional feature. They can be selected under "3 Additional Network Features".
  • New NAM Website: An official Network Addon Mod website has been launched, https://www.sc4nam.com, featuring NAM documentation, feature guides, and more!

-The NAM Team



Congratulations!  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  &apls  &apls  &apls
Also.... happy birthday Simcity 4!!!! 🎂
I loves Sim City forever!


I still remember when SimCity 4 was officially announced over 20 years ago, and I pre-ordered the game, receiving it on January 16th, 2003. It was a big day for me, and I've been playing the game basically every day for many months, installing the first custom content, and the "Transit Bugfix" that was essentially the very beginning of the NAM development.

It's great to see that SC4 - and the NAM in particular - is going strong, and while I haven't played the game anymore in quite a while, I still follow the development on a more or less regular base. You guys really have outdone yourself, and I'm happy to see that the legacy of such an ancient, yet unsurpassed game is carried on even after two decades. &apls


Absolutely love the AVE 6 and 7 simple interchanges; makes me want to update my maps today.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to the ENTIRE NAM TEAM; thank you again.


Hello Tarkus and entire NAM Team  :) 

well done project  &apls

been messing around around with it for awhile now and still more to check out... a thorough type of package that leaves much to image...  :popcorn:

and a big big happy birthday to SC4deluxe...

i would that there be ways to get the word out more about SC4 its versions and what the NAM, the SC4 sites, is doing to this old game... it may stir up another round of interest

miss many of the old modders and bat builders... as they left too much unfinished...

anyway thanks guys for this simulator/ virtual train set



Can anyone tell me how to transition from 8S - 6S using Flex Transitions?   The main reason being is slope tolerance.8s to 6s transition with Flex withs.jpg


Hello @dyoungyn !

For these you gotta use the tile drop variant of the FLEX width transition pieces (FLEX-WTs). For the time being, this one supports all height levels of RHW-6S to 8S, but in the future it might support a few more widths.

These pieces (including the tile drop added in NAM 46) are slope-tolerant, as shown in the secret weapon reveal video of this feature, back in NAM 42. You just place them on your inclined terrain, making sure to match up the arrows with the lane drop side (in your screenshot, the lanes closer to the tall factories).

NAM 42 Secret Weapon Reveal #2 Video, at 5:17 to show the slope tolerance comparison.

As a disclaimer, the variants which are not slope tolerant are the RHW-S to RHW-C width transitions, those have a more complicated programming which we couldn't make slope tolerant, like we did for all the others.