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New Question for my Japanese friends - growable rice paddies?

Started by Gaston, September 19, 2007, 08:36:25 PM

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Maybe one of ya'll can answer this question posted in another forum.     (Barby's Lot Studio.)   ;D

QuoteI was thinking maybe you could figure this out. I was going to make 2ch.netsimplayer's ricepaddies grow - if you zoned the proper LOT size and used the agriculture. It started to turn out to be an easy task except for one thing. I do not know how to create seasonal cycles with the rice paddies.

2ch.netsimplayer provided the models and also did the proper seasonal cycling it seems - for they have day and starting periods. However you need to translate japanese to make any sense of them. Here's what I figured out so far:

Touki = Winter
Kaki = Summer
Shuuki = Autumn (Fall)

but Kara = ?
And Shunki = ?

There is little to no LOT editing with these, since his models take up the entire LOT. Only on some of the larger ones - but you can just use the XPIM to copy the props over from his LOTs, which I did easily. (iLive doesnt read the files). Yet, I have no clue as to how I should get them seasonally rotating. Thankfully he's done most of the work with the desc. files - unfortunately his naming scheme doesn't tell us which is which very easily.

Nippon Den'en Tambo 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (Japanese Countysides, Rice Paddy 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
1 and 2 are 4x6 paddies with built-in footpaths and trees, 3 is a 8x12 LOT with footpaths, an island and a shrine at the center. 4,5 are plain flat paddies (but different reflection, bush and such), 6 is a 4x8 plain paddy, 7 is a 4x4 plain paddy, 8 is a 4x4 triangular paddy, but the LOT size is 2x2.
Yousuiro (canal, straight) 
Yousuiro Kousa (canal, crossing)
Yousuiro Teiji (canal, T-junction)
Yousuiro Magari (canal, corner)
Yousuiro Ikidomari (canal, dead-end)
Yousuiro Azemichi (canal-footpath crossing)
All these 1x1 canal LOTs have the same statistics as Maxis default Playground.

here are the files >>> http://www.yuhisa.com/cgi/c-board/file/NipponDenen.zip

My limited knowledge and lack of a romanji translator has me stumped.


Changed the title to be more specific... - Patrick ;)

They say that the memory is the second thing that goes....
...dang , I wish I could remember the first.
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Hi Gaston san. :) (白龍さん)

May I answer only about trasration point ?

Kara : Emptiness. Rice expresses the state that there is not at all in this case.
Shunki or Syunki : Spring.

Jpanese has many "combinations of kanji"

Spring : Haru 春(Syun)
Summer : Natsu 夏(ka)
Autumn : Aki 秋(Syuu)
Winter : Huyu 冬(Tou)

It is read as the "Syun Ka Syuu Tou" when reading bringing these together.
This meaning is the same as "Four seasons" in Japan.
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Thank you Gaston and Relics8801 for this thread. I also recently downloaded the excellent rice paddies.  If you get them to grow I would be very interested in this - I am new to SC4 so haven't played very much and wouldn't know XPIM from ??? so do not have the knowledge to do this for myself.....yet. Would be interested in the process if you get this to work so will watch this thread with interest. Thanks again &apls