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March 30, 2023, 11:24:04 AM

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SC4D MD Best Sellers

Started by dedgren, April 01, 2007, 05:09:40 PM

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Welcome to the SC4D MD Best Sellers area of the Mayors' Diaries section of the forums.

If you are an author, and are finding your MD here, it's because it is well on its way toward what is currently the pinnacle of SC4 Devotion Mayor's Diary accomplishment, becoming a Classic.  Your work has gained more that 1,000 page views and 100 comments on your MD here at SC4D.  Thanks for the hard work, and be assured that your efforts are gaining the significant attention they deserve.

We know you won't be slowing down.  There's hard work ahead as your MD progresses toward becoming a Classic.  You also have the further opportunity to have your MD recognized in our exclusive "Of Special Interest this Month" category, where those MDs that have truly excelled are showcased.  For right now, too, you can feel great that, given the relatively small number of MDs at this level, frequent updates will receive the good visibility from readers looking for the next big thing.

If you're a reader, you have found a group of quality MDs by authors working diligently on taking things to the next level.  It is always, of course, very much appreciated that you would comment whenever you could, and let your favorites know that you find their work worthwhile.  Constructive criticism is always welcomed here as well.

Thank you, one and all, for your interest in the SC4D MD Best Sellers.

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