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CSX Farms - Cabbage fields produce air pollution

Started by superhighway_410, August 08, 2022, 07:07:28 PM

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Hi there. Can't believe I had this account for 10 years and yet this is like my first or second post.

Anyways, as the title says, and for fear of sounding like a fool, I noticed that the cabbage fields that come with the CSX Farms (at least the version I installed) seem to produce air pollution. I checked several of my farm lots and it seems like those are the only fields that do that. Is that intentional or a bug?

I'm not sure if you answered or patched this already, but I didn't see anyone else mention it in the forums. Let me know if you need to see pics.

I honestly thought they were cow pastures and were producing methane.


Very sure that's a bug. The way SimCity 4 is designed, farms generate water pollution, but consider air pollution as a negative factor for their development; so this ultimately breaks the game if you have farms which hinder the development of other farms nearby.


A picture of the lot in your city would only allow us to tell that air pollution exists but won't give us much help in determining the why. We'd need to look at the actual Building Exemplar to determine that. So I'd like to verify what package you are actually using.

I found in my archives a package called "BSC Farm Fields - CSX Vol01" shown as being uploaded in 2007 by Colyn, which includes a file named CSX Farm Field - Cabbage_aefc6c56.SC4Lot. The actual date of the file is from 2005. It does not appear it's been changed since then unless someone did and changed the name. If this is in fact what you are using, the Building Exemplar included in the file does show that there is an Air Pollution value of 2.

Don't forget that 2005 was only 2 years removed from the release of SC4. it's possible that game mechanics may not have been as well known at that point as they are now, and Colyn just didn't know. Given that this file appears to be the only one in the package that shows an Air Pollution value above 0, that's probably not the case here. So it's likely he just have made an honest mistake. Or maybe he just didn't like cabbage and planted an Easter Egg (a negative one). Since Colyn was last active in 2013, there's no way of knowing whether it was intentional or not.

At any rate, the easiest way to fix this (if you're familiar with how Reader works) would be to open the file in Reader, open the Building Exemplar, find the "Pollution at center" property, and change the value for "Air" from 2 to 0. This should change the value for any future occurrences of this lot in your city. It may or may not change any existing occurrences of the lot in your city. If the latter is the case you may need to delete any existing occurrences of the lot, in which case they may not grow back as cabbage.


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So this - farting for next winter - of course could be the reason for a certain amount of air pollution.