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Eloaria (23 April 2016- City near the river)

Started by Kergelen, October 07, 2011, 02:37:38 AM

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Welcome to page 2!

Great start of your MD!
Also nice pictures of that beautiful city... :)

Looking forward to more.


Rambuckel,chester, Framly, chpbrownlee, bat : Many thanks! :) :thumbsup:

Benoit: I am totally inexperienced in Photoshop and is the first image I modify. I am glad that you like as your images are very well achieved Thanks! :)

AhmadAzunai: Ok, I'll try to upload on the STEX. Thanks :)

Knapp: I'm glad you like it. I like your rivers too, and I'm following your water works on Simforum :thumbsup:

The next pictures are of the walls and the entrances to the city.

The walls are partly original and partly rebuilt. This is explained by the history of Liaudginai. Liaudginai was the capital of Eloaria, which for years was a monarchy. As in other European countries in the mid-nineteenth century region became a republic and the center of power moved to the coastal city of Merkin ( another city I'm working on), where he spent much of the forming bourgeoisie of Eloaria. The loss of capital caused Liaudginai could enter a period of decline. Some walls collapsed for lack of maintenance and more than a house was abandoned because people are going to live in the capital where there were new economic possibilities. At that time Liaudginai could work in agriculture and little else. Despite the loss of ΒΌ of the population that many residents were unhappy with the proclamation of the republic were reluctant to leave the city and Liaudginai became a stronghold of pro-mornarquics and continued to live there. After a few years, in the 50's the country regained interest in its history and its monarchical past and began to recover Liaudginai established there the museum of history in the castle that I showed in the previous update. From the 70's Liaudginai won in touristic and over the years the walls were rebuilt and several hotels were installed in buildings constructed bringing the population to a new economic boom that keeps today.

Today we come to the city by train

Train station is located below the city, opposite the main entrance.

Here you can see how the city is situated on a plateau and surrounded by fields

These are the entries in the west

And the east acces


In the overwiew we can see the castle that now is the Museum of History of Eloaria and some buses going to visit it.

Ans another overview from the nord, near the mountains.

And finally we leave the city with this magnificient train.

Hope you like it and constructive critisism are welcome!! :)

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Really a great job my friend ! I like all those trees and that European atmosphere, Keep up the good work !

&apls &apls

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I really like your region.  &apls
Thanks for sharing this!


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This looks absolutely amazing, but if there was one thing I would change, it would be making the farms not so, squarish, other than that, it looks professional! &apls


Kelis: Many thanks! :)
MrMavE94: Thanks, it's a pleasure to share it here  ;)
Terring: Thanks  :)
estuary: Thanks, but either do not understand your comment. Do you think the fields are too square or you think should be more square?. Is there a comma between the word "so" and "squarish" that does not understand well what you mean. Anyway, thanks for your comment!  :thumbsup:

Today I present my first mosaic. :)


Hope you like it and constructive criticism are welcome!

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More beautiful pics. love the roads carved into the mountainside.


Nice mosaic  :thumbsup: Your city reminds me Langres in France which is also sitting on the edge of a plateau. But the surrounding fields remind me also Carcassonne (the walls are based on those of this town), where my father comes from.
So I enjoy it very much.
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WOW, I missed your last update. The location of the fortress is great ... The roads leading to the gates must have been real effort in times when the fortress was built.

I'm really looking forward to your next pictures!

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Great mosaic.  :) The transitions are very well done to you.  &apls

Ol.S / Benoit

Great pictures again ! :)
Love the winding roads.
MD : Click on picture


Wow, what an unusual but fascinating location for a town.  :thumbsup:
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What a wonderful mosaic, well done for a first time!


Wow, phenomenal work Kergalen, I can't believe what I've missed since last time!  :o

The town with its old-style buildings and great walls is looking wonderful and the surrounding countryside is just as nice! Excellent forests, rivers, roads, trains, and more! Your rock mod (I assume its one of Ennedi's from the look of it) fits in perfectly for those steep cliffs below the city walls. Really great stuff  &apls &apls &apls


Lior, 976, RickD, Benoit, Dantes, nbvc, rambuckel, chester many thanks for your comments  :)

Knapp: Many thanks. I didn't know Langres but I just see somepics and are really beautiful.  And I have been three times in Carcassonne,  i love it and is one of the best town I've visited.

Noachlem: Yes, it's Ennedi's rock mod and I chose it specifically because they keep the same color as the walls. I am glad that you've noticed it.

Well, the last two weeks I was very busy and I didn't have a lot of time to update. Today I show the waterfalls, located near the city.









Hope you like it!! :thumbsup:

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I really like your way of landscaping  &apls

Nice pictures again :)

- rambuckel
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The river with the waterfalls is looking beautiful! But the town is great, too!! :thumbsup: