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Republic of Goverland (Update 06.03.15)

Started by Piterdaw1, November 26, 2011, 01:13:47 PM

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Guess who is back, guys?  :D

1. Sodesund is a district of Sheford located west of city centre and railway. Building of Sodesund conssist mainly of townhouses built at the beginning of 20th century, block of flats from 70s and some new apartment houses. Furthermore in this area are located some factories and warehouses. Sodesund is connected with city centre by two overpasses over railways and one rail crossing. In the district is also located station of Urban Rail System.

2. Home - estates located in Sodesund are intended mainly for poorer middle classs and students of situated nearby Sheford Economic University, Price of single apartment here is approximately 150 000 - 200 000 NRP.

3. Home - estate called "The New Gardens" is most expensive and most prestigious in Sodesund. Construction of those apartament buildings was finished in 2005, estate is property of Wennerstroem Group. Here lives some lecturers and proffesors from the Economic University and also some employees of the corporations from city centre.

4. Home - tenements situated in Sodesund are first, which you can see if you come to Sheford city centre from western suburbs of the city. Before 2009 it was a ghetto of illegal immigrants, and this part of Sodesund was very dangerous place after dark. In years 2009 - 2010 tenements were revitalized and police carried out an action against local gangs and illegal immigrants. Currently those tenements are popular with students and artist. Anyway in this part of Sodesund still live many immigrants from Russia and Baltic countries, who are staying in Goverland legally.

5. Home - on this picture you can see contrast of two worlds. In the left is rich estate, on the right there are poorer townhouses, tenements and warehouses. Nonetheless Sodesund is still relatively safe district. However going out alone after midnight is still bad idea.

6. Transport - Western Railway Line is a border between city centre and Sodesund. Everyday many citizens of this disrict rides a train to their workplace in other parts of city. Also Franzgatan and overpass over railway is important way, which connects Sodesund and western suburbs of Sheford with city centre and Financial district.

7. History - Before restructuring of industry, which took place in Goverland in 80s Sodesund was typical industrial district. That's why between elder buildings are located new estates. Formerly on plots, where are now located apartament houses, were industrial plants, demolished in 80s and 90s.

8. Workplace - warehouses located nearby Sheforder Western Central Station during the day are workplace for many citizens of Sodesund. However after dark it isn't a smart idea to venture between warehouses. Some people say, that one of them is a property of people connected with Sheforder Mafia...

9. Education - Sheford Economic University was founded in 1895 by few bussinesmen from Sodesund. Currently it is one of most prestigious Economic University in Scandinavia and whole Europe.


Beautiful images and well thought out atmosphere!  &apls


Quite the comeback, very nice city!   :thumbsup:
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Wonderful update. Lovely urban area. The tramway fits quite nicely in there. :)

Looking forward for more pictures from your beautiful cities. :)
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Awesome comeback  &apls &apls  Btw, welcome back!

You really do a great job with all those green spaces and the selection of W2W buildings is perfect! I like that tall corner building in the middle of pic 4 in particular. The trains, trams, and roads look great as well though I'd suggest you try RRW for your rails. Looking forward to more  :thumbsup:


Sheford city centre - the end
It is three years and four months since I started creating Sheford, the first and the biggest city of well-known Goverland. Today the work is ended and the central part of Sheford is finally finished. Of course I still have to work on suburbs, but the core of the city is ready. I'd like to invite you to a journey around Sheford. Enjoy!

PS. For better orientation look here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_n4WzHdDZw7R3J2c25oUi1aVmM/view?usp=sharing.
Download fot better quality.

Chapter I - Overviews

1. The very center of Sheford.

2. Close-up to the financial district.

3. Old town in southern part of the city centre.

4. North part of the city.

5. South part of the city.

6. Close up to the north-east part of city with the industrial zone.

7. Close up to eastern part of city - Vakrhatten district.

8. South-east part of Sheford - Liedholmen district.

9. Northern part with estates located by river - Skaersholmen district.

10. Close up north-west part of Sheford. - Sergelberg district.

11. South part of the city, situated on eastern bank of Gotava - Flussen district.

Chapter II - Night views

12. Financial district at night.

13. Old town at night .

14. Night view for eastern part of Sheford city centre with St. Michaels church.

15. Sheford city centre at night. 

Chapter III - Some statistics

16. Income and expenses (no cheats).

17. Education

18. Average time of journey.

19. Population.

20. Intensity of traffic.

21. Smog

Chapter IV - Close ups

22. Old town - summer.

23. Market square - autumn.

25. Association of Bussines Tower, Headquarters of GovInvest company and Goverland Media Corporation, Stock Exchange and City Tower.

26. Embankment north of Financial district - autumn.

27. Industrial zone in north-east part of the city.

28. Railyards and CHP "East Sheford"

29. Estates south of industrial zone.

30. Construction site in the Mosebacke district.

31. Railway somewhere in the city.

32. Park near the Blomkvistgatan.

33. Eastern Central Station and COCO Park commercial centre - Vakrhatten district.

34. Close up to estates near COCO Park.

35. Estates south of city centre - Flussen district.

36. Olympic Sheford stadium and Liedholmen tram terminal - Liedholmen district.


Nice presentation, the map is great too!  :thumbsup:

Despite the w2w blocks the city still is quite spacious in its lay-out, I like that. A job well done, though I've to ask: is a city ever really 'finished'?!  ;)  &apls
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It's a clean and meticulous work. Well done.  :thumbsup:


Nice seeing Goverland here. Great update as always. :)
Just wandering around like a teddy bear running around the garden. :P

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See the all-new National Capital Region!:http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15118.0


Boy, that was a substantial update! ;D And a marvelous one at that, too! Really interesting to see the overviews, that shows off how well the different districts sort of weave into each other. :thumbsup:

Spotted a detail (well, the that's where the devil always is, isn't it? ::)) though, in pic 22: there are no overhanging embankment pieces under the road bridge - is there a particular reason as to why?

All in all, that's a splendidly executed city, and now I'm eager to see the suburbs!
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Congratulations!!! &apls  I like everything!! I like the old formerly-walled-but-today-not-so-much city core, the XIX-century city and the modern residential developments. Everything looks well planned and coherent!!  :thumbsup:


Congratulations on finishing your great central city! It's really turned out well. I do tend to see things vortext's way though, somehow my cities are never quite "finished" ;)  You've done a great job with the variety of different areas here and I'm looking forward to seeing more from the surrounding suburbs  :thumbsup:


Fantastic images, a really attractive ad well executed city. The night images are particularly lovely also.
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Wow, that is a stunning update. I love the way the city flows along the river.
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Hi guys! After a large summation of Sheford city centre, I'd like to show you some photos from north suburbs of the city. Enjoy!

1. Intersection of Hornzgatan and AIN gata and GovInvest Arena.

2. Other look for neighborhood.

3.  Intersection of Plangatan and AIN gata, Sheforder Mall and some residential development.

4. Peacful estates in north-west part of Skandia district.

5. Tram station "Skandia" and peripheries of the city.

6. Some warehouses located near railway.

7. Farms located nearby M4 highway, north of Sheford.



Hello! Today I have for you another two pics from suburbs of Sheford. I'm currently working on west part of the city, and the pictures show Enskede and Sergelberg districts, which still are under construction. Enjoy! ;)


Very nice. I like how green and natural looking it all is.
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